Stop paying your mortgage today!… and be a victim!


A few days ago a friend of mine placed a very interesting link on my wall and included this message:
“This story made me think of your blog. Dominique, I would love to hear your opinion on this.”
Well, if you know me, and lets be honest you don’t… yet. When people want my opinion, I give it to them. When you don’t want my opinion, I still have one. I might not give it to you, but when you’re not looking my opinion is looming over you waiting to pounce.
The articles is titled: A million-dollar mortgage goes unpaid for years while couple fights foreclosure.
Say what now? With a title like that, who the hell wouldn’t click the link and read the article?
It’s a Washington Post article and like all news sites they want to maximize page views and ad space so they require you to click through 6 pages to read the whole article.
I highly suggest you read the whole article, but I’ll give you the cliff notes version.

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