Able2Extract – Convert PDF to Excel With Formatting and Tables Intact


Workflows within any business involve extensive PDF document processing. This can be tedious when sensitive content needs to be passed around for redaction purposes.

Named table structures help streamline PDF table data conversions. This feature is invaluable to business, legal and medical professionals – saving them both time and effort in data conversion efforts. Bates numbering is also supported.

PDF to Excel

With Able2Extract you can quickly convert PDF to Excel while keeping formatting and tables intact. All that’s necessary to convert content is highlighting it and clicking convert.

Fonts, cell borders and background colors remain true to their original form in Able2Extract conversion results, while custom watermarks and stamps can even be added for additional personalization.

PDF Editor provides an extensive set of PDF editing tools, such as comments, sticky notes, squiggly lines, paragraph marks and links for editing PDF documents. Furthermore, the program features an in-built document comparison feature to quickly and accurately compare PDF files.

File conversion capabilities have always been its main strength, and the latest version adds further enhancements that make working with PDF tables more efficient. You can now work with named table structures more efficiently as well as export tabular data to CSV and TSV formats, Bates number documents, insert vector shapes into files or merge or split PDF pages more efficiently than before.


Able2Extract was designed with people of all professions in mind and serves as an all-in-one PDF utility. The software converts PDF content directly into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD files, images and CSV files while maintaining original document formatting. In addition, Able2Extract includes a built-in text editor which supports WYSIWYG text viewing along with features to redact or edit PDF paragraphs, pages and content in real time.

Investintech has labeled their PDF software the “Swiss Army Knife of PDF,” and this statement rings true: the software can view, create, customize, convert and secure PDF documents as per an organization’s needs – as well as offering an affordable monthly license scheme so users can experience all of its capabilities for 30 days before making their final decision.


Able2Extract allows you to quickly convert PDF documents with tables into HTML pages in a matter of clicks without altering their original designs or colors – perfect for creating online PDF presentations from PowerPoint slideshows!

No matter where you are working from, multiplatform PDF software allows for efficient document editing and conversion from anywhere – easy OCR scanning of PDF documents; comparison and security; simple user experience – saving both time and energy!

Able2Extract Pro provides advanced editing tools for PDF documents, such as adding comments and sticky notes, underlining or striking out content and inserting squiggly caret marks to highlight text that needs rewording. Furthermore, this program lets you fill and save PDF forms using push buttons, lists, radio buttons, checkboxes and other input fields; plus it lets you index and reference long legal, business and medical documents by adding bates numbers for indexing and referencing pages in long legal, business and medical documents!

PDF to Image

Able2Extract makes it easy and fast to convert PDF documents to image files – simply use its PDF to image tool on the right pane and choose JPEG from its list of available formats – this tool will save each page of a PDF document as its own JPEG file automatically!

My personal take: Overall, Able2Extract is an impressive software package designed to perform conversion tasks efficiently while offering users annotation tools and features they’ll find useful – not to mention being multiplatform compatible (Windows, Mac and Linux).

The program’s primary draw is its ability to convert image-based PDF files to Word format and other Office file types while maintaining tables, images and text formatting – something no other PDF converter offers. Furthermore, this tool supports both scanned and native PDF conversion as well as providing users with heavy-duty OCR functionality as well as document customization features like page splitting, merging and rotation – enabling users to craft documents that better meet specific requirements or workflows.

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