Adobe Fresco – The Newest App For the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

Adobe Fresco is an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil drawing and painting app designed for creating breathtaking art. This creative suite application offers thousands of brushes as well as text and layer editing features. Plus, Adobe’s Creative Cloud family of apps means Fresco fits right in with other programs in your workflow such as Photoshop.

Fresco stands out from its competition with several innovative features that set it apart, including layering capabilities and Liquify tool that allow for enlarging or shrinking parts of a drawing without altering its look. Even without prior experience in digital art, its interface makes learning quick: Learn feature provides video tutorials as well as helpful tips on navigating app and quick shortcut buttons are provided for daily use.

The new version provides excellent options for those who enjoy doodling and sketching, including Live Brushes that mimic real watercolor or oil paints in terms of blossoming, blending, smudging and smudging. In addition to vector brushes for precision work and pixel brushes that scale to any size pixel brushes offer more freedom in designing images with infinite possibilities – and don’t forget the numerous color presets as well as brush history which remember your last used brushes for quick access!

Motion Options offer another significant update, enabling you to set paths for elements to follow – this could range from creating star trails or flying birds across your screen, with everything made smoother through a new feature similar to what may be found in other programs such as Smooth Tool.

Fresco offers many resources, if you would like a closer look. Kyle T Webster posted two-part series as part of Adobe MAX late last year that demonstrate its features, or watch his videos on YouTube. There are also plenty of videos and artwork created by other Fresco users which you could access as additional resources.

Adobe is continuously making updates to Fresco, making it an increasingly popular drawing app for tablet creators. Coupled with its compatibility with Creative Cloud family tools and stability guarantees, Fresco makes for an ideal option for creating engaging graphics in an enjoyable native experience app – plus Adobe is committed to keeping Fresco up-to-date. If you haven’t experienced Fresco yet, head over to App Store now and give it a try; it might just change your life! -Eds: Please note this article was first published May 2018 but has since been amended with details. -Eds: Please be aware this article has since been modified. -Eds

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