Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is an industry-leading video editing software program from Adobe Systems and part of their Creative Cloud, used worldwide by professional video editors. With powerful features that enable them to produce high-quality videos for film, TV and the web, Premiere Pro’s powerful features allow professional editors to craft stunning films for film, TV and the web – and can often be combined with other Creative Cloud applications like Photoshop or After Effects in creative projects. Individuals or organizations may purchase one-time licenses or subscriptions of this program as needed.

Students enrolled at DU can request an Adobe Creative Cloud membership through catalog request at no cost, which provides Adobe Premiere Pro and all of their other Creative Cloud programs for use on up to two devices. Premiere Pro is a comprehensive video and audio editing application which allows users to add animations, text and music tracks into videos with ease; moreover, advanced tools allow them to correct and enhance videos, as well as fine tune their color and sound settings.

Adobe Premiere is a non-linear editing system capable of managing multiple clips simultaneously in a project. Using its timeline panel tool, users can add and arrange assets such as video clips, titles and audio tracks in order to create more complex edits. Users have access to either an overview or detail view on their timeline panel; with the latter providing more specific information such as its source file, frame rate and duration for every clip they add or arrange in their project.

Adobe Premiere Pro offers users the capability of moving video clips up or down in their timeline by using mouse cursor drag, while zooming can be accomplished using scroll bars underneath and to the right of it. Furthermore, multiple timelines can be viewed simultaneously within Adobe Premiere Pro.

Essential Sound panel of the program enables users to fine-tune audio by providing tools for balancing color and adjusting curves – an upgrade over earlier versions of the program that did not offer such advanced video audio features.

Premiere Pro not only provides powerful tools for editing video, but it also enables users to search music tracks, auto-tag files with dialogue or musical notes, adjust sound levels and quality, as well as search music files from various sources – an incredibly helpful feature for professional video editors who often deal with various files that differ in terms of audio quality.

Premiere Pro has quickly become the go-to video editing program of choice among YouTubers and streaming personalities known as Content Creators, as well as Video Game Designers creating immersive visuals to drive plot and add dimension to video games.

Adobe Premiere Pro offers advanced editing tools, making it a robust and intuitive program to learn in both in-person classes and online tutorials. Students interested in careers that require knowledge of Premiere Pro can enroll in courses from Noble Desktop’s Video Editing and Motion Graphics certificate programs for additional support.

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