Audible Review


Audible offers an outstanding library of audiobook titles. When you purchase one, it will become part of your library forever and can be played back on any device with the app installed, including when offline. Your library can also be broken down into categories such as Not Started, In Progress, Downloaded and Completed to keep track of which books you are listening to or have completed.

The Audible app is accessible across a range of devices and features some fantastic tools to enhance your audiobook listening experience. First off, choose from among various membership plans which determine the number of books you receive monthly or annually; alternatively you can take advantage of a free trial before committing to a membership plan so you can see if it suits your lifestyle and listening habits.

There are four Audible membership plans to choose from, each offering different amounts of audiobooks each month. The most affordable plan is Gold Monthly which gives one credit per month plus 30 percent discount and hassle-free exchanges; other plans include Gold Annual which gives an entire year’s worth of credits for less; and Platinum Monthly with two credits plus access to exclusive Audible Original Podcasts.

One of the great features of Audible is its convenient return feature for any book that wasn’t to your taste – whether that means spending your monthly credit on something that wasn’t what was promised, or just didn’t care for its narrator’s voice, Audible makes this return process very straightforward and hassle-free.

WhisperSync allows for cross-device listening, so that when starting an audiobook on one device and switching over to your tablet without missing a beat or having to search back through, you can pick up where you left off – perfect if you prefer audiobooks!

Additionally, this app allows you to search books and other titles by name or genre, with popular titles as well as new releases featuring in separate sections. Reviews written by other listeners may provide additional recommendations; however any reviews which promote hatred against anyone based on race, ethnicity, nationality gender or sexual orientation cannot be shared on our platform.

Overall, the Audible app is user-friendly and packed with helpful features that help you quickly locate what you’re searching for. However, its interface may become cumbersome and difficult to navigate when dealing with large libraries of content; additionally certain functions may prove challenging without expert knowledge of its interface.

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