AVG AntiVirus Free Review

AVG AntiVirus Free

AVG AntiVirus Free provides advanced security features with superior performance, including web and email protection, ransomware detection, and an optimized scan to avoid resource-hungry operations. Additionally, AVG provides many other benefits like ransomware detection.

However, this program can become rather annoying with its constant upsell prompts and overpriced premium tech support plans.


AVG AntiVirus Free provides robust security features at an attractive price point. With near-perfect malware detection scores and real-time protection against ransomware, phishing scams, and other zero-day threats – AVG stands head and shoulders above its competition when it comes to ransomware protection.

AVG malware scanners use heuristic analysis and machine learning techniques to quickly identify new threats, making for more efficient scanning than traditional antivirus programs that rely solely on online databases for detection. They also feature boot-time scans, deep searches targeting external USB drives, performance scanning mode to help optimize system speed and stability and boot time scans that target boot up devices.

Other handy features include an antispam tool, browser cleanup and data shredder – the latter of which is particularly beneficial if selling or donating their computer as it overwrites personal files so no one can recover them later. There’s also an anti-theft feature which allows you to preemptively set conditions under which a device should be marked as lost with a siren sound to deter thieves from approaching.


AVG stands out as one of the best anti-malware programs on the market thanks to its free antivirus and competitively priced internet suite offerings. Not only does AVG protect users against malware, spyware and viruses effectively but its installation process is straightforward with minimal resource requirements consuming and no pestering from sales staff to upgrade or purchase additional features.

The free version provides excellent performance and boasts nearly perfect malware detection rates, in addition to offering an impressive number of features such as network scanning and dark web monitoring. Unfortunately, its main drawback may be its irritating upsell prompts that make using it difficult.

The premium plan provides even greater protection. It includes a malware scanner, VPN connection and PC optimization tools as well as basic password manager and photo vault features. Unfortunately, however, it lacks firewall capabilities – an essential requirement in 2023.


AVG AntiVirus Free stands true to its promise of easy antivirus protection from its very first use, impressing from day one with its user-friendly layout that makes finding and using various functions straightforward.

The malware scanner utilizes heuristic analysis and an online database to detect emerging threats and block “zero-day” attacks by monitoring vulnerabilities that haven’t yet been patched. My tests showed that this software excelled both smart scan and deep scan with 100% malware detection rates in both categories.

Although Avast doesn’t include features like Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition’s webcam protection or password manager, they do offer strong file shredders and tools to safeguard personal data securely. Furthermore, network inspectors scan connected devices for potential issues; premium subscribers also enjoy additional services like fake website shielding and phishing net protection to make shopping safer; however they offer frequent upsell attempts that may become annoying.

Ease of Use

AVG’s antivirus software is both effective and user-friendly, providing excellent malware detection scores and being capable of blocking ransomware attacks from damaging files. Furthermore, AVG provides antiphishing and ad blocking protection as well as effective antitheft features like tracking lost or stolen devices with siren alerts to scare away potential thieves.

AVG AntiVirus Free has an elegant and user-friendly user interface. With easily identifiable thumbnails and headings to quickly launch deep scans or access other key functions, users can launch deep scans quickly or access other key functions quickly. Users can customize and schedule scans as well as place any infected files into quarantine.

This program also comes equipped with anti-theft tools, password vault, disk cleaner and warning features to alert users before entering a zone or site that could contain malicious software or data-leeching programs. There’s even a file shredder and several customization options.

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