Bandicam Review


Bandicam is an advanced screen recorder that lets users quickly create high-quality videos and screenshots with its software. Users can record a specific area or the entire screen; its compatibility includes external video devices like Xbox and Playstation consoles, smartphones, IPTV, capture cards and IPTV channels.

Its dedicated gaming mode enables users to record gameplay in HD resolution, and offers real-time drawing tools and highlighting capabilities.


Bandicam is an advanced screen recording program with various features and options that give its users many capabilities and options for their screen recordings. Users can record regions on their PC screen, game videos or webcam feeds easily; plus it offers real-time drawing functionality which helps create unique output.

Notable functions of this program include adding mouse click effects and animations to recordings, setting customized FPS rates, taking advantage of hardware acceleration, and adding watermarks.

Additionally, this software enables users to upload videos directly to YouTube. Furthermore, its video editing features make it ideal for creating online presentations, webinars and gaming walkthroughs.


Bandicam provides a free version which enables users to test out its software without incurring fees for it, but does include an Bandicam watermark on videos and limits its length to 10 minutes.

Paid versions of this program allow for no limitations or watermark removal, plus provide a lifetime license to use their software.

This software features various settings to allow for customized recording experiences, such as selecting what codex to record, how much CPU and GPU resources will be utilized and frames per second recording rates. Furthermore, the program supports games and programs using DirectX or OpenGL graphics technologies for capture.

Bandicam is generally considered to be a safe piece of software; however, some users have reported that it contains viruses. To ensure your own safety when downloading this program, MiniTool Video Converter provides an excellent, safe, fast and straightforward download process.


Bandicam makes creating professional-quality videos fast and straightforward, whether for online education courses, software tutorials, gaming sessions or webinars. Plus it includes basic editing features – making Bandicam an invaluable asset to both novice and veteran video creators alike!

This program also allows users to record webcam footage and use it as an overlay in any video project, and real-time drawing for marking important points on-screen while recording. This feature makes the program an ideal fit for tutorial and gaming videos as users can quickly outline what they are doing while they record.

Bandicam’s Game Recording Mode is perfect for recording XBOX and PlayStation games in 4K ultra HD resolution while supporting streaming video capture devices and Windows media player, with high FPS support enabling 2D/3D games without any loss in quality being recorded without loss.


Bandicam is a screen recording program that enables you to record gameplay, video tutorials and online academic lessons. Furthermore, its REST API enables integration with mobile and web apps.

Bandicam stands out from other game recording programs by compressing files while maintaining quality video playback. Furthermore, its easy usage doesn’t necessitate DirectShow or Windows Video technology – making it ideal for capturing videos from external video devices.

While the free trial version doesn’t expire, it does feature several drawbacks such as a large Bandicam watermark and limited video length. Still, downloading and using it are safe, with no reports of malware or viruses in its software and thousands of gamers and professionals worldwide using it successfully. Furthermore, its installation process is fast, hassle-free, with no hidden costs to pay and offers various features suited to various uses.

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