Bing Desktop

Microsoft Bing Desktop

Bing Desktop is an application from Microsoft’s Bing search engine that enables users to download wallpaper images directly onto their computers for use as wallpaper. Users can select either one image at a time, or create slideshows which cycle images at set intervals. While the program is free to install, please be aware it may take several minutes before your desired wallpaper image downloads onto the Microsoft Store or directly through Bing’s official website.

Software installed in the background automatically begins running when a user logs onto their computer, functioning alongside Bing search engine as the default search option in most versions of OS. Additionally, this software includes a “Bing Bar” to easily search other Bing services like News, Videos or Maps.

Bing also provides other online tools, including an image search feature recently criticized for providing images reported as child pornography to national databases and auto-suggesting them via its auto-completion features. As a response, more staff were added to combat this issue as well as modifications made to its image search algorithm. Bing News service, local business listing center and Image Creator offer services.

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