Bitdefender SBS Security Review

Bitdefender SBS Security

Bitdefender SBS Security provides integrated security solutions designed to defend users of Microsoft Small Business Servers Standard Edition against cyber threats without straining limited human resources and IT budgets. These tools deliver advanced protection against malwares, phishings, ransomwares and other cyber risks that threaten business continuity.

Antimalware protection includes antivirus, antimalware, firewall, VPN and anti-theft features as well as central management and monitoring capabilities across your workstations, servers and emails. With such features in place, this solution can increase productivity while simultaneously decreasing malware related costs by cutting the time needed to identify threats on your network.

Bitdefender SBS Security excelled at blocking and removing malicious files in our tests, offering real-time protection settings and firewall monitoring to safeguard our systems from hacker attacks, while its antivirus scans spotted and eradicated potential infections immediately. Furthermore, this software improved system performance by scanning for and eliminating unnecessary files in the background – keeping up with our ever-evolving storage needs without slowing down our systems.

Bitdefender SBS Security’s phishing detection is one of its standout features, as it helps safeguard sensitive information on devices connected to it and keeps dangerous websites away. Furthermore, it monitors web browsers to block you from visiting dangerous pages and warn you of threats in search results, and blocks unauthorized downloads as well as websites compromised by hackers proactively.

Backup and recovery features of Avast Secure Email Client are another great asset, enabling you to restore encrypted files after being compromised by ransomware attacks, as well as safeguard your workstations and email archives with instantaneous backup copies that you can access at any time. Furthermore, its protection of online data consists of monitoring internet connectivity to protect against DNS hijacking as well as its antispam module which uses whitelists, heuristic filters, learning modules to analyze each incoming message for telltale signs of spam.

As for support, Bitdefender’s live chat representatives were extremely responsive and helpful, answering our questions promptly while also fixing some problems right away – this marked an improvement over competing solutions like Norton that took longer to reply and offer solutions. Furthermore, its large collection of FAQs and guides made resolving our issues even simpler without needing to call them for help.

Bitdefender Antivirus Mobile apps for Android and iOS (which come as part of its subscription options) proved extremely user-friendly, offering robust protection to our test devices while being easy to use. They offered features like remote location (which enables you to locate it even when off), remotely locking devices, taking photos if they become lost, capturing photos if lost phone is being used by someone else and even taking pictures if it has been stolen! You could even receive alerts if SIM card changes occur or theft has taken place; and finally remotely wiping all data stored on these mobile security tools if necessary!

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