BulletProof FTP Server

BulletProof FTP Server

BulletProof FTP Server is an intuitive Windows-based FTP server featuring an easy graphical user interface for quick upload/download activity, monitoring of server activity and supporting firewall passive mode firewall protection.

This software can be utilized by small businesses, webdesigners and home PC users alike. It features a site manager window, connection quotas, event management capabilities as well as support for external programs.

Easy to use

Create an FTP server quickly with this free program! Compatible with any Windows computer, its installation takes only minutes to complete; just launch the installation wizard and follow its instructions for successful deployment.

This program is extremely straightforward for even first-time ftp clients to use, even beginners who have never done so before. With its intuitive graphical user interface and ability to connect using any standard FTP client, users can connect easily and use this service either exclusively for uploads or downloads with customizable directories for their files.

This program contains all the standard RFC-959 features as well as advanced functions like kick, ban, resume upload/download, anti hammering, ratio & quota groups management, event maanger, real time server activity monitoring, virtual directories, chat and much more. Furthermore, its efficiency reduces both traffic and connection charges and allows leech files (downloading automatically until your download credit runs out) along with full NAT/Firewall mode connections that support PASV mode connections as well as superior user control with disk quotas among its many features.


BulletProof FTP Server is an effective yet straightforward file transfer solution for Windows that is suitable for use by both small businesses and home computer users alike. You can limit the number of connections made to your server, monitor its activity, and more – plus it can even work behind a NAT/Firewall in passive mode!

Notable features of FTPNet include its robust ratio and disk quota system, file sharing with upload/download credits (private P2P), advanced chat via FTP and the ability to run custom scripts or programs using its event manager. Other security measures include bandwidth throttling and connection limits based on users, domains or IP addresses.

Sawmill is a program that helps you analyze BulletProof FTP Server log files (dd/mm/yy, 24-hour). Additionally, Sawmill supports 1021 other log formats and works well with any database backend – it is available to download on our website.


BulletProof FTP Server is a reliable and secure Windows program that makes file transfers across the Internet simple and straightforward. The program supports many file transfer protocols including FTP, SFTP, and FTPS for fast file upload/download speeds and monitoring/analyzing FTP server activity and traffic with its built-in real time statistics generator; users can even throttle connections based on user, domain or IP address; as well as features like disk-space quota system with upload/download credits as granular disk-space allocation for any given user account/domain/IP combination!

This program features an intuitive graphical control system and can be utilized by both business and home computer users alike, running efficiently on lesser-powered machines for everyday use. Furthermore, its strong firewall protection can guard users from hacker attacks as well as block users who repeatedly attempt to login into its server.


Users can utilize it to securely exchange data over the internet while protecting sensitive information from prying eyes. In addition, it can be configured to operate behind a firewall and NAT router for added protection.

Administrators can easily access the user account features of this program through its intuitive application’s interface, giving them access to manage files being uploaded or downloaded, set access rights for individual users and even set quotas on disk space usage.

This software is easy to set up and can be utilized within a business environment; however, if you are operating solely or don’t require its advanced capabilities, we suggest considering WS FTP Pro instead as it offers better value.

Sawmill is an effective log analyzer capable of reading BulletProof FTP Server logs (dd/mm/yy, 24-hour format) and creating dynamic statistics from them. Supported are 1021 log formats so Sawmill makes it simple for you to visualize, customize, filter, export and visualize logs from BulletProof FTP Server running on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD OpenBSD Mac OS Solaris systems as well as other UNIX systems.

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