BuzzBundle Review


BuzzBundle is a social media marketing software that allows you to monitor keyword-related conversations in forums, Q&A sites and blogs using keyword search criteria. Furthermore, it lets you use those same keywords when responding to enquiries published online using your keywords.

Create multiple personas for social accounts attached to them – for example, company rep, CEO, customer support, and even yourself – in order to save both time and money by doing this.

It is easy to use

BuzzBundle is a desktop social media management tool designed to drive more visitors to your website by optimizing interaction. Individuals, companies and enterprises alike can utilize it to increase online visibility and drive leads and sales faster while its intuitive user interface enables quick management of multiple profiles simultaneously.

Monitoring keywords to discover conversations online and compiling them into one central repository makes it easier for you to promote products or services to targeted audiences in less time.

Use it to post threads or announcements on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, blogs, forums and Q&A sites such as Twitter. Additionally, its proxy rotation feature helps hide your real location to avoid being banned while also hiding private messages and replies from being visible to other users.

It is affordable

With this software, you can track online conversations about your company, products and brand; monitor competitors; use keywords to streamline workflow; set multiple groups of keywords as watchlists to focus on and manage them better; as well as schedule multiple timed checks of them at different times for easy management of them all.

Monitor Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn using this tool, create multiple personas on these platforms and post, reply, retweet and send private messages from within it – plus use proxies to disguise your real location to avoid being labeled spam!

BuzzBundle can help your business increase organic and referral traffic. It monitors websites, blogs and forums as well as reporting all social media engagement activity to create more conversions – it’s like having a PR secretary do all the hard work!

It is scalable

BuzzBundle stands out among social media management software (SMM) tools with its desktop-based interface, generous free version, and integration with Link Assistant SEO software – making it a powerful way of overseeing all web and social media campaigns in one centralised place.

Monitoring social media posts like tweets, Facebook updates, Google+ discussions or LinkedIn discussions using keywords is also possible with Brand24 – helping you locate conversations related to your business that could help gain new audiences and expand brand recognition.

Buzzbundle uses proxies to conceal your real location, enabling you to join conversations without drawing unwanted attention to yourself and avoid being targeted by spammers or online trolls. Once in, respond by sharing photos or relevant info – or schedule posts ahead of time so they appear when necessary.

It is secure

Buzzbundle gives you the power to monitor, collect and analyze social media discussions in order to promote your brand. It tracks keywords or URLs mentioned by mentioners and presents them in easily navigable streams; additionally it can detect spam conversations and filter irrelevant ones allowing you to quickly locate relevant information and respond back quickly to audiences.

Its features include an easily customizable dashboard, keyword groups, personas/profiles/persona groups/profile groups, personas and profiles, private messages and browser. Furthermore, proxies and proxy rotation can help conceal your true location; automating posts as well as scheduling announcements at specific times is also available.

Not every marketing software system can meet all the needs of every company, due to varying business-related requirements. Therefore, it is wise to read reviews on buzz bundle and carefully assess features and costs prior to subscribing. Likewise, check that it integrates well with Power SEO projects before subscribing.

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