Comparing GoodSync to Other File Backup and Synchronization Software

GoodSync is a well-known file backup and synchronization software program, as well as being useful for moving data between computers and mobile devices. There is both a free personal edition as well as a more enterprise focused edition available.

GoodSync offers a user-friendly interface with options that are clearly labeled and easily accessible, such as creating new jobs by selecting two locations to sync, their sync schedule and types of files to include. GoodSync can run automatically at startup or upon demand; in addition, users may start it in limited mode to monitor job progress without the full program needing to launch first.

GoodSync can synchronize or backup data to local drives, network locations, and popular online storage platforms like MEGA, OneDrive, and Google Drive. A variety of advanced settings can be configured for individual jobs such as setting schedules or applying filters based on time/date/location; setting bandwidth usage per task to control its effect on internet connection usage; as well as creating and running multiple GoodSync jobs simultaneously.

GoodSync stands out from its counterparts by performing real-time synchronization; this means it will detect changes to files and folders on one device and immediately transfer those changes over to another device – saving time while working between multiple devices while also decreasing manual intervention needed to keep all devices up-to-date.

GoodSync stands out from its competition through its automated conflict resolution ability, which will automatically resolve any conflicts between data versions while still saving both versions for future reference. This feature is especially beneficial when working with large file sets that may undergo frequent modifications.

GoodSync offers an invaluable and timesaving feature: its ability to automatically sync any or all security attributes associated with files and folders. This can save countless hours as it eliminates the need to manually apply each security attribute on each individual file and folder during synchronization jobs.

GoodSync offers extensive support with its own FAQ section and manual as well as email and telephone assistance available to subscribers. However, in two separate instances it was hard to receive satisfactory replies from Siber Systems as part of its free version; they claimed this was necessary in order to provide optimal synchronization experience for their users.

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