Corel DRAW Graphics Suite

Corel DRAW Graphics Suite

Corel DRAW Graphics Suite gives design professionals and small businesses alike the power and flexibility needed to craft memorable designs, from professional advertising campaigns to in-house marketing materials. Trusted by engineering, manufacturing and construction firms worldwide to produce precise product and parts illustrations and diagrams.

Work faster using non-destructive stackable adjustment presets, an enhanced Docker/Inspector for Adjustments and user-inspired enhancements. Edit bitmaps and vectors with precision; correct perspective distortions quickly and more.

Powerful vector illustration tools

CorelDRAW is a vector-based graphics program used for drawing illustrations, product designs and logos. Additionally, CorelDRAW can produce EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) files which can be utilized by other graphics programs.

CorelDRAW stands out from other vector editing tools by being cross-platform, working well on Macs, Windows PCs, Linux machines and others. It features an intuitive user-interface that makes learning it a breeze while its keyboard shortcuts speed up design processes significantly.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite provides an economical subscription model, enabling users to gain access to the latest version without incurring high up-front costs and include access to an extensive library of online learning content and support for easy use of advanced vector illustration tools. Furthermore, team collaboration features allow for real-time feedback on designs.

Versatile layout tools

Enhance the design process to quickly impress clients without compromising quality with new perspective tools, flexible layout features and advanced typography tools. Unlock openType text’s power by taking advantage of contextual and stylistic alternates, ligatures ornaments swash variants. Manage multipage documents using our new flexible design space – up to 50% faster processing for files and images is also possible!

CorelDRAW is easy and versatile enough to accommodate any style, offering keyboard shortcuts, customizable UI elements, and an adaptive learning experience tailored specifically to you. Users also have the power to create macros, hotkeys and default new documents – creating something perfect for every creative!

Users can take advantage of multiple monitors and 4K screens for increased productivity, while using stylus or touch screens for increased precision. The program supports major file formats including EPS, PDF, JPG, DXF, SVG and TIFF and can import/export them. In addition, there is direct integration with WhatTheFont website service so users can identify fonts quickly and easily.

Real-time collaboration tools

CorelDraw is a vector drawing program at its core, but its page layout capabilities make it even more versatile. Switching to the “Page Layout” workspace reveals options for quickly and precisely positioning objects across multi-page documents.

Stay connected to your team even when working remotely with real-time collaboration tools. Centralize comments and annotations from multiple contributors into one place before replying and resolving them simultaneously to save time and maintain design momentum. Plus, our new Project Dashboard makes storing, organizing, and sharing files much simpler!

CorelDRAW 2021 provides time-saving enhancements that make completing projects of any size simpler. Increase productivity with features like an easier-to-manage Project Dashboard, nondestructive stackable adjustment presets, an entirely revised Adjustments workflow and user-inspired enhancements. Plus CorelDRAW offers numerous ready-made templates to quickly design brochures, business cards, logos and infographics quickly!

Multi-platform support

Transform your creative ideas into polished designs using an intuitive user interface with endless customization capabilities. CorelDRAW’s built-in Hints docker/inspector will have you creating confidently in no time, teaching you how to use tools as you select them. Plus, ready-made templates make creating projects such as brochures, business cards, logos and infographics fast!

Vector drawing tools in Corel Draw X6 are truly impressive, whether using keyboard shortcuts or the more natural LiveSketch method. In addition, this suite contains numerous unique features like CAPTURE, Corel Font Manager and AfterShot HDR that set it apart.

Increase design productivity and deliver stunning designs more quickly – without compromising quality! Corel DRAW Graphics Suite gives designers all of the power, versatility and collaboration required for any graphics workflow, with new illustration, photo editing, multipage layout tools that help speed project setup, creation and output – creating an unstoppable force when it comes to graphic creation and output. It truly stands up against its competition!

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