Creative Ways to Use Flipagram

Flipagram is a free app that enables users to quickly create video slideshows using images, captions and music. From vacation memories to work photos taken during lunch breaks or simply sharing recent travel snaps – there are countless creative uses of Flipagram! Adding music sets the atmosphere and conveys emotion – therefore choosing songs relevant for the images and content of the video slideshow should always be considered when selecting songs to use in its creation.

As your first step, select the photos you would like to include in your Flipagram. Next, apply filters and text. When your video is complete, add music and title it before moving, cropping or scaling photos as necessary to customize its appearance and give your Flipagram its final form – ready for sharing on social media platforms or saving to your device’s camera roll!

This app is ideal for capturing special moments such as graduations or birthdays of loved ones, creating slideshows from nights out or weekend trips and more! There is an infinite number of uses for the app – and its easy usability means the possibilities are limitless!

Since 2013, Flipagram has experienced astounding growth, expanding rapidly to include over 200 million creators and now more than 4 billion daily video views – more than double those on Snapchat and 8 billion on Instagram! Its success can be attributed to its unique features and user engagement; over 2 billion of them share photo/video memories on Flipagram daily alone! Its growth can also be attributed to unique features and high engagement from its user base – this app now has approximately 300 million creators using it daily! Flipagram estimates there are over 4 billion videos/photo/video moments being shared daily on Flipagram which puts it ahead of Snapchat at 1.6 billion daily views and 8 billion views/day on Instagram/Flipagram respectively!

Flipagram’s popularity among mobile users has created many opportunities for brands to leverage it, especially companies in beauty or food industries that may wish to use Flipagram to showcase products, events or brand messaging – for instance creating Flipagrams of new serum benefits can help promote products or events or showcase cooking tips! For example a beauty company might use it for product promotion while food companies could utilize Flipagram for cooking demonstrations or recipes.

Education can also find great benefit in using this app. Students can create slideshows of photos to illustrate various topics or ideas – for instance, eight parts of speech, types of clouds, events leading up to civil war or the scientific method – by adding music or narration for more context.

Although Flipagram closed down in 2018, other applications still offer similar functionality. Vigo Video is one such app and provides similar experience while adding additional features compared to Flipagram; available on both iOS and Android devices, for more information visit their website; alternatively you can download and try it yourself!

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