CuteFTP – File Transfer Made Easy


CuteFTP offers various file transfer capabilities. For instance, it enables multiple simultaneous transfers (in contrast with some older FTP software that only allow single file uploads).

Use the Step-by-Step Connection Wizard to quickly connect to new sites, store commonly accessed ones in Site Manager, and secure mission-critical files with comprehensive security features.

File Transfer Protocol

CuteFTP makes FTP easy and secure – whether it’s publishing a website; downloading digital images, music and multi-media files; or moving files between home and work – for both Windows and Mac platforms, with powerful features and premium support available both ways.

SFTP–SSH 2.0 supports a single connection port for firewall navigation, password and public key authentication and strong data encryption to safeguard login, session and file information from being intercepted or altered in transit.

Queue Transfers–Take control of upload and download file transfers across multiple remote sites by scheduling our robust queueing system to upload and download multiple files at the same time. Prioritize queue items, track their statuses, modify them as necessary and modify properties on each queue item as necessary.

File Management

CuteFTP makes moving files and folders between local and remote locations simple with its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, and offers several labor-saving script transfers that will complete automatically on a regular basis.

CuteFTP displays files and folders stored locally while its right section shows remote connections. With its step-by-step wizard, new FTP sites are quickly connected.

Comprehensive SFTP configuration options give you full control of your sessions, from encryption ciphers and compression options to host-provided key pairs as certificates used to authenticate future connections. Identity files allow you to store these certificates as certificates that can then be authenticated against future connections using either NTLM or OTP authentication protocols based on the best fit. Furthermore, you can customize the graphic user interface according to your preference, specify a default download folder per Site and create custom panes to view site related data.

Folder Synchronization

Folder Synchronization offers real-time two-way folder synchronization which is useful in quickly recovering small files that have become inaccessible or lost.

Synchronization compares two folders and updates the second folder so its content matches that of the first. One popular use for this tool is to synchronize backup folders, speeding up backup and restoration times significantly.

CuteFTP provides a familiar two pane view with local folders on the left and remote folders on the right, and drag-and-drop, standard Windows file operations, as well as several link configuration options, that enable drag-and-drop to navigate between local and remote folders and even display uncommon or proprietary folder listings. Automation capabilities include Folder Monitor which uploads new or modified files based on user actions while providing highly detailed COM scripting option for automated file transfers that save both time and labor costs.

OpenPGP Encryption and Decryption

CuteFTP uses Open PGP encryption technology to encrypt and sign files. PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) utilizes efficient algorithms that generate a hash code which can be used to verify digital signatures as well as encrypt/decrypt messages/files/text and whole disk partitions/emails with ease.

After files have been encrypted with their recipients’ public keys, only they have the private key necessary for decryption – providing data protection even if transmission channels become compromised or someone attempts to intercept and read it in transit.

CuteFTP offers extensive configuration options for SFTP sessions, such as selecting encryption ciphers and MAC (Message Authentication Code) types for encryption; as well as the option to import or export identity files and store local trusted server certificates (certificates) to authenticate files. When using its Encrypt Files action, users may select “Delete Original”, so that their original encrypted files are deleted after being decrypted. Furthermore, CuteFTP also features import/export identity files capabilities and the option to import/export identity files which allows them to store local trusted server certificates (certificates) when authenticating with CuteFTP sessions allowing full control over configuration options while offering great flexibility over an SFTP session including selection of encryption ciphers/MAC types available as well as import/export identity files to import/export for authentication of local servers, and import/export identity files when making connections to local trusted servers for authenticating purposes.

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