Download Accelerator Manager Review

Download Accelerator Manager

Download Accelerator Manager is a software tool designed to speed up file downloads on your computer. This is achieved by breaking downloaded data down into small segments and downloading them simultaneously – taking full advantage of your broadband connection’s maximum speed. Furthermore, Download Accelerator Manager includes various features designed to organize and oversee download operations.

As one of its many features, this program allows users to schedule downloads, pause or resume them at any time and search for mirror servers offering optimal download speeds – ideal for users with slow Internet connections or large downloads. Furthermore, its easy integration into browsers means all you have to do is click a downloadable link for it to begin working – adding new downloads via right click context-menu items or toolbar popup windows is also supported.

Another valuable feature of this program is its ability to scan downloaded files for viruses, helping keep your system free of malware and spyware that could slow it down. Furthermore, this program has the power to block pop-up windows and prevent ads from appearing on your screen.

This software can assist in the repair of damaged files, which can come in very handy if you download an incorrect file or accidentally delete one. Furthermore, it renames files that don’t conform to their original format, saving time renaming them manually; and can even download files not available online to allow you to build your own collection of videos and music.

Apart from speeding up downloads, this program can also improve the performance of your web browser by caching downloaded content and freeing up more of your computer resources to be utilized elsewhere and avoid time and memory being wasted on unnecessary processes. Furthermore, it can detect and repair faulty HTTP connections, something many web surfers find particularly frustrating.

Download Accelerator Manager (DAM), unlike other programs which promise to speed up downloads, actually delivers. DAM uses multiple connections and works to reduce load on one thread of your web browser – an especially valuable feature for dial-up users who must squeeze modern media like video and audio through ancient phone lines byte by tiny byte. DAM can even be set to work during night hours when local traffic levels and bandwidth rates are reduced, making DAM an invaluable addition to any Internet user’s toolkit.

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