Dukto Review – File Transfer Made Easy


Dukto is a free software solution designed to make file transfer quick and effortless. Users can transfer both textual data as well as files between PCs in their local area using this simple platform.

No need for permissions, operating systems, clients or servers! Simply install the program and begin transferring files.


Dukto is a free cross-platform program designed to transfer data between devices on a local network without needing an Internet connection. This program facilitates the exchange of text files, folders and folders among computers (even those behind routers) and mobile devices.

Dukto has been designed with ease of use in mind, featuring an almost identical program interface across platforms and devices. Users add each other to their buddy list before initiating data transfer using drag-and-drop files or textual information into its window – Dukto will then deliver them automatically across LAN connections.

As of Version R6, Dukto offers zero configuration, clients auto-discovery, high speed file transfer and an extensive transfer log. In addition, Dukto features Windows 7 taskbar integration with progress and transfer indicators as well as full Unicode support and metro style UI design – its only drawback being its lack of security measures and communication protocols – so only use this tool within trusted networks.


Dukto is a freeware program that helps users transfer text, files and clipboard data across computers connected to a local area network (LAN). Unlike most file sharing tools that require internet connectivity for accessing files remotely, Dukto does not.

This program offers a modern Metro-style UI interface and allows for sending and receiving of files, texts and text fragments saved to the clipboard. Furthermore, multi-file and folder transfers as well as full Unicode support with fast transfer speeds are supported as well as auto-discovery of clients and a transfer log feature are available.

Dukto can be installed and used on desktops running Windows, Linux and Mac OS X as well as mobile devices running Android and Symbian. Furthermore, Dukto is portable app-friendly: its executable can be dropped anywhere on your computer without altering registry entries or start menu/screen settings, enabling easy launching with just a single drop – saving space while providing all its capabilities as regular version does.


At times, it may become necessary for us to move files between devices connected on a local network. While several tools exist that allow this task, most require cloud services or complex configurations in order to do their work effectively.

Dukto, created by Emanuele Colombo and designed for local area network use, makes sending data between two computers simple. No longer need you worry about users, permissions, operating systems and protocols – Dukto makes data sharing effortless!

Once installed on both devices to be transferred between, Dukto will automatically recognize them and display them as a list. You then have three options to select when sending information: send text from clipboard, files or folders. All that’s necessary for sending is having port 4644 open on either one and running Dukto itself on them both – something which Dukto offers easily with Linux, Mac OS and Windows support and its simple, clean and intuitive user interface makes it an indispensable resource when sharing data over local LANs.


Dukto is an efficient LAN file sharing program that enables consumers to effortlessly share documents and files across a local area network. Unlike many computer software, this application does not force consumers to deal with consideration qualifications, permissions, standards machines and various process quirks associated with creating secure system connections between PCs.

Sharing files between computers in an environment with similar OS platforms is often straightforward if permissions, firewall settings and server-client specific settings have already been properly set up. But sharing data across systems using various operating systems becomes much more complex.

Dukto, an open source and portable application designed with a metro style user interface, makes sharing text and files between multiple systems simpler for end users. Compatible with any Windows platform without needing for setup, Dukto automatically detects other clients running Dukto on your LAN; provided they use compatible OS platforms (Windows, OS X for Intel 10.6 or later, Linux or Android) while zero setup or configuration arrangements are necessary – customers are auto discoverable when installing software.

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