DVD Audio Extractor Review

DVD Audio Extractor

DVD Audio Extractor is a professional DVD audio extractor capable of efficiently extracting any soundtracks/music/themed songs from DVD movies to MP3, AAC or FLAC files in original quality. Additionally, this tool can rip DVDs that are protected by region codes, RCEs, CSSes or any other DRM measures to produce high sound quality even with copy protected disks; its built-in advanced decoding algorithm ensures excellent results even on copy protected discs; with up to 5.1 channel surround sound output and 48kHz sampling rate capability this tool supports up to 5.1 channel surround sound output with 48kHz sampling rate capabilities for high sound quality copy protected DVD ripping capabilities!

Use this free DVD audio ripper to create custom ringtones for your mobile devices or extract music tracks to play on any video player of choice. Furthermore, it can rip any DVD movie to popular video formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV etc – making it a must-have program for fans of DVD movies!

This free DVD audio ripper boasts many useful features that are great for everyday life, such as media downloader, screen recorder and video editor/converter. Compatible with both Windows and Mac computers and offering WAV, AAC, AC3, FLAC and OGG file formats for selection – its intuitive user interface ensures seamless use.

Free DVD audio ripper that easily converts any type of DVD into MP3 file in high-quality MP3. Even more impressively, it works quickly and is very straightforward in its operation – simply select source file, destination folder and add details such as title tags for better organization of MP3s.

One great feature is its automatic file format selection feature; MP3 is currently the default, but any format of your choice can be chosen as output format. Furthermore, this application also lets you customize audio settings such as sample rate, channels, downmix matrixes, and rate control mode for optimal audio playback.

If you need to edit DVD audio, this free DVD audio ripper provides some basic editing functions. You can trim audio files, set start/end times of songs you want to hear and adjust volume/playback speed as necessary.

To use this free DVD audio extractor, all that’s necessary is opening the application, inserting your DVD disc, and selecting from among available titles to extract audio from. When detected by the program, ripping will commence automatically based on main title of DVD but individual chapters can also be selected from list to extract their respective chapters as required. Furthermore, expanding Language Tracks button enables you to choose desired language track for resulting MP3 audio file.

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