Emsisoft Anti Malware Review

Emsisoft Anti Malware

Emsisoft Anti Malware has been protecting PCs for more than 25 years. The program combines multiple layers of real-time protection – antivirus, behavior monitoring and blocking of phishing websites – with remote management from a web console for advanced remote management and malware removal support as well as personal tech support email addresses for home users and small businesses alike. It comes complete with a 30-day money back guarantee.

This software uses a dual engine scanner to identify and neutralize digital threats as they attempt to access your system, and has been recognized by independent testing organizations like PC Security Labs and MalwareResearchGroup as being best in class. Furthermore, its low impact on computer performance means no updates need be performed frequently – something many competing products cannot boast about! Its ability to prevent many malware infections from ever taking hold truly sets it apart from most competing products.

This product provides protection for up to five devices at home with its multi-layered protection, including fast dual engine scanner, web protection, behavior blocker, ransomware protection and basic remote management via MyEmsisoft portal and app. In addition to standard PC versions, there is also a portable version which can be used on USB drives or CDs to clean infected computers; installation on servers provides endpoint protection and provides endpoint security solutions for small business.

Emsisoft Anti-Malware can be configured in many ways, including selecting which files and programs should be scanned. Scans can also be scheduled manually or on a schedule; even system events like booting the computer can trigger scanning sessions. Windows Explorer integration makes scanning quick and simple by right-clicking any folder and selecting “Scan with Emsisoft Anti-Malware” from its context menu to quickly perform custom scans. A Silent Mode feature automatically suspends notifications and scans when full screen mode is active – perfect for uninterrupted gaming sessions!

Emsisoft also features the capability of recovering any quarantined file if necessary and providing detailed reports on any detected threats, while their software is easy to use and the interface looks pleasing. Emsisoft’s real-time protection starts working right when it starts up unlike many programs which need a user log-in first before taking effect; their real-time protection kicks in when first launched!

This program is an ideal option for those searching for an antivirus solution they can manage remotely, with a 30-day money back guarantee and free trial available. There’s no set auto renewal date; therefore it should be cancelled to keep using. Unfortunately there’s no option to disable renewal at checkout prior to buying; otherwise it is an excellent product and would recommend to all.

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