ePSXe – Play Your Favorite PlayStation Games on Your Android


When it comes to PlayStation emulators, ePSXe stands out. As a freeware program, this PlayStation emulator makes playing your favorite console games possible without needing an expensive mobile phone; even more impressively, with some effort it may work with cheaper tablet computers!

Save States and Screen Recorder are unique features you won’t find with other PS1 emulators; to take screenshots press F10. Not all games support these features but having it can come in handy if they do!

ePSXe’s user interface is user-friendly and straightforward, making it one of the easiest PS1 emulators to navigate. Its main menu consists of Run Game, Multiplayer, BIOS and Preferences sections and several quick-access keyboard shortcuts that let you control your game – you can adjust audio speed or enable/disable analog controls as needed, select from different controller plugins compatible with ePSXe such as Dualshock or Wii Remote controllers etc.

ePSXe is free to download and use, though you will require a legal BIOS file to get the most from it. Download yours from here, copying to an appropriate folder on your Android device, then boot ePSXe with it and enjoy playing your PS1 games!

If you’re having issues with ePSXe, try changing its video plugin and audio plugin. Changing these should solve your problem; if not, feel free to go back in and change them again later – they can be found in the Plugins folder.

Black screen issues with ePSXe can often occur for various reasons; but one common factor is using incorrect configuration settings. To best address this, follow these steps for troubleshooting this problem in this article.

Fix the black screen and continue playing your games! This process may require patience, but will ensure you have access to an accurate PS1 emulator.

Fixes several bugs with the game which caused it to crash or freeze, improved CPU core performance and allowed players to save their progress when pausing a game – an invaluable feature when trying to overcome more challenging levels!

-Fixed issues related to disc changes within Tales of Destiny 2, improved CDROM timing accuracy, and made various minor updates and tweaks to the GPU core.

ePSXe is one of the best PS1 emulators on the market, yet it does suffer from minor bugs. This new version addresses those issues and makes the emulator more stable than ever. Additionally, new features have been implemented such as redesigned graphics windows and saving multiple state/snapshots in-game. Furthermore, audio plugins have been improved, as well as support for several new disk image formats.

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