Explore the World From Above With Google Earth


Google Earth allows you to explore the globe from above with high-resolution aerial and satellite images, photos, roads and street maps, business listings, elevation terrain elevation features and much more. Its user-friendly interface and interactive features make Google Earth a valuable learning and research resource.

EarthView is a dynamic desktop wallpaper and screensaver program that displays stunning aerial views of our planet from space. It supports map and globe views, city lights, atmospheric effects, time zone display and various settings for customizing its view – plus search panels, 3D viewers and other useful features!

Universities, schools and businesses use this software for environmental monitoring. With accurate air quality monitoring capabilities that allow companies to observe how their facilities are performing while making adjustments that improve operations if needed – not to mention real-time access from anywhere around the globe! – universities use it while schools and businesses rely on it as well.

Geography is an evolving discipline at the crossroads between global education and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Bridgewater State University’s EarthView project began as an inflatable 20-foot globe and has since evolved to include giant floor maps as well as workshops targeting K-12 students.

EarthView offers an intuitive user-experience and is the perfect tool to learn about Earth, its natural resources and human impacts on its environment. With features like an automatic update function and search engine capabilities that let users customize their view, EarthView makes learning about this planet simple and enjoyable.

Advanced users will enjoy using EarthView to adjust zooming speed, view tilt, and move their viewpoint using keyboard or mouse controls. In addition, EarthView’s layers and placemarks panels provide more options. You can toggle any layer on or off by clicking its icon within that panel’s layers list or view coordinate and elevation information about where you currently are by clicking Status bar; use mouse wheel zoom in/out; you can even use Tools > Options (Mac: Google Earth Preferences) to change navigation mode settings or Invert Mouse Wheel Zoom Direction when zooming with mouse wheel! For advanced users EarthView offers additional control options that give full control over all aspects of its view – for instance by reversing direction of zoom when using the wheel for zooming purposes! To do this click Tools > Options (Mac: Google Earth Preferences), with either navigation mode settings or mouse wheel setting which you may even need change using Invert Mouse Wheel Zoom Direction in Tools (Mac: Google Earth Preferences), even checking Invert Mouse Wheel Zoom Direction and/invert mouse wheel Zoom Direction feature and vice versa! For added versatility check Invert Mouse Wheel Zoom Direction for reverse direction when zooming with Mouse Wheel.

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