EZ CD Audio Converter Review

EZ CD Audio Converter

EZ CD Audio Converter is an advanced software application that enables users to rip music from physical CDs, convert audio files to various formats and burn data discs. It offers support for popular formats like MP3, FLAC, M4A and OGG as well as Apple Lossless Vorbis. In addition, trimming functions allow you to remove specific tracks from a longer file while normalization ensures all tracks have equal volume levels.

Contrary to other conversion tools, this software focuses on maintaining the quality of audio files while applying professional-grade processing that minimizes loss of detail. Plus, multiple audio tracks can be processed at once for added efficiency.

One feature that sets this tool apart from its competitors is its impressive range of audio formats support. Not only can the program rip music in popular formats like MP3, but it can also rip into lesser-known ones so your music can play back perfectly across a range of devices and situations.

As soon as a CD is inserted into your drive, software automatically scans its content and presents an overview of all available tracks in a primary panel. Clicking any track will reveal more detailed information such as its artist, title, composer, start time and length. In addition, preset ripping profiles allow for customization including options such as output format, compression algorithm (VBR, CBR or ABR), quality settings, saving directory and filename options, bit rate sampling rate channel mode filters as well as lowpass/highpass filtering filters.

The software supports 32- and 64-bit Windows versions, including 8 and 7. Furthermore, it integrates with the right-click context menu for convenient access to all of its key functions and automatically read and preserve CD-Text and ISRC metadata, access information from FreeDB and MusicBrainz databases, extract cover art from Amazon albums and de-emphasize audio CDs with pre-emphasis.

The main module of EZ CD Audio Converter features a file browser and filters by file type to make selecting audio tracks for conversion simple and efficient. Furthermore, you can apply custom naming templates, modify metadata fields, create log files of program activity as well as use DSP panel for fade in/out effects or silence removal or addition as well as creating playlists of all your selected tracks.

Last but not least, this program also offers an efficient media player capable of playing back any audio source. Playback settings such as equalizer, brightness contrast and saturation can also be adjusted as necessary. With regards to audio processing capabilities, this software can remove artifacts and noise as well as apply reverb, echo fading chorus effects. Furthermore, you can generate an audit log of changes made to selected files as well as perform CD burning all in a single step.

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