F Secure Anti Virus Review

F Secure Anti Virus

F Secure Anti Virus provides excellent malware detection capabilities, scoring 100% in AV-Test’s real-world protection tests and catching every sample virus AV-Test presented to it. In addition, this software includes Windows Firewall protection as well as banking protection features.

F-Secure TOTAL’s web portal makes adding and removing devices, setting parental controls and managing subscriptions simple and straightforward. You can even get started quickly with their free trial offer!

Virus & Malware Protection

F-Secure Anti Virus provides PCs with protection against malware such as Trojans, ransomware, spyware and rootkits. The software uses signatures to recognize this form of attack while scanning files based on their behavior to block potentially harmful programs and limit damage. Furthermore, DeepGuard is available which verifies source applications to block unauthorized software from being installed onto your system.

F-Secure allows for scheduled scans on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis with options to customize scanning comprehensiveness. Unfortunately, however, F-Secure doesn’t permit selecting folders to scan – something many other packages we tested allow.

This program’s interface is clean and clear, offering users an efficient alternative to some competitors with their confusing clutter. Users will still find an impressive collection of features including parental controls and tools within its simple framework; banking protection as well as an online portal to manage devices and subscriptions complete the package’s offering.

Parental Controls

Family Rules provides basic parental controls for iOS and Android devices, with features including screen time limits, content filtering by categories (with 14 options including Adults, Drugs, Gambling and Violence), anti-theft services for both devices as well as simple anti-theft services that make tracking devices simpler than ever. Its setup process is easy while its iOS app lacks bedtime controls or other controls that could make life simpler for parents and guardians.

PC cloud backup is another key feature. It saves data to an offsite server for safekeeping in case of disaster and works effectively – not to mention it’s user friendly!

F-Secure Total is an outstanding antivirus and parental controls suite, featuring password manager, VPN service and breach monitoring features. Although a bit pricey for all your devices, F-Secure Total offers a 30-day free trial period after which annual costs for three devices is $35 annually – their enterprise products were spun off into WithSecure in 2022 for added protection.

Secure Browsing

F-Secure KEY protects and stores all your passwords safely in an encrypted vault, helping you generate strong ones, autofill them on log-in pages and protects devices from phishing sites as well as offering banking protection.

Web threats are detected and blocked through a combination of browser extensions and network-level technologies. Google and Bing search results display websites’ reputation scores; F-Secure offers protection from sites with known bad reputations by blocking their access.

Parental controls can easily be set up through F-Secure’s web portal and tailored for different members in your household. Parental controls also feature ransomware protection layers, notification-free Gaming mode and bedtime usage restrictions that limit daily Internet use. F-Secure offers straightforward yet advanced anti-malware protection that won’t overwhelm novice PC users or frustrate more experienced ones – however it falls short in comparison with some rival products when it comes to advanced features AV-Comparatives’ 2019 anti-phishing test.

Device Management

F-Secure security programs are simple and user-friendly across any operating system, offering simple menu navigation to each product setting including options like Viruses & Threats, Scanning Settings, Secure Browsing, Family Rules etc. Furthermore, My F-Secure provides an online portal where users can manage their account as well as add devices.

Device management features of this program allow users to block certain apps or websites, limit screen time and monitor activity on Android devices. You can also remotely delete data remotely and restore factory settings. Note: However, device administrator permissions may be required in order for the app to function on these devices, raising privacy issues with some users.

F-Secure was established in Finland at the dawn of Internet history, and quickly established a reputation for dealing with today’s cyber threats. Their products can be found across Europe and globally. By 2022, however, F-Secure had split into two entities – F-Secure for consumer use and WithSecure as enterprise security.

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