Features of WinSCP


WinSCP is a free, open source file transfer application which supports the SFTP and SSH File Transfer Protocols for either secure or plain file transfer, as well as remote command execution on computers and synchronizing files between two locations. Features of WinSCP include built-in sites with various ways of selecting files to transfer via dragging-and-dropping or drag and dropping; it is user friendly as it offers many tools not typically found within an FTP client application.

WinSCP connects to a site by default by dropping you in its user account’s home directory on the server, but this might not be your desired working space. To navigate around it effectively, WinSCP treats directories like folders and can even display a list of directory paths to help find where your search leads you.

Filters on your server allow you to automatically select files that meet certain criteria, making this feature particularly helpful when uploading large quantities of files or even one large one. Filters are accessible via Mark menu items or can be created directly via File menu > Filter… and are easily created. Simply provide a name, file type type you are searching for as well as its path of location; and specifying mask rules so all matching files will be selected automatically.

Set and save custom commands on connected hosts is another key capability of WinSCP, enabling you to execute short terminal commands without needing separate tools like PuTTY or command prompt. To create and run custom commands, navigate to Options menu –> Custom Commands or the command line box within sessions and click. Alternatively, type echo!S to see how WinSCP interprets this placeholder into an ad hoc custom command.

WinSCP can be set up to maintain a log of every command it executes during a session. This feature is especially helpful when repeating similar commands over an extended period, or when troubleshooting and need to review what was actually done. To enable logging, navigate to Preferences > Logging; there are three logging levels (reduced, normal and debug) with differing amounts of information recorded depending on which level it’s enabled at. By default passwords aren’t saved but this feature can be enabled –

WinSCP supports session and shared bookmarks for added convenience, enabling you to quickly navigate between sessions by quickly selecting them on a server you frequently visit or when transferring multiple similar files at the same time. Session bookmarks only apply during their respective sessions while shared bookmarks can span across sessions allowing for faster navigation between them – particularly useful when dealing with larger file transfers of similar types or taking longer than expected!

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