FlyVPN Review


FlyVPN was launched as a VPN service in 2007. Since that time, they’ve claimed servers in more than 30 different countries worldwide – making the service extremely versatile and appealing to a broad base of users. But is FlyVPN actually capable of meeting its expectations?

To gain more of an insight into VPN services, we conducted extensive tests. We ran tests on Windows and MacOS computers as well as iOS and Android mobile devices. The client features a user friendly design with its intuitive design allowing quick server selection for each task at hand. It even features server sorting capability to find an optimal server for that specific task easily.

This VPN supports various protocols, including PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN. Depending on the device in which you connect to it, there may be options to select either 128-bit or 256-bit security levels – and there are no restrictions or bandwidth usage limits – you may even use up to five simultaneous connections simultaneously! Torrenting is permitted as well.

However, during our testing of the VPN we discovered it could not unblock Netflix and the ping times were high – this is certainly not ideal if you want to play online games or stream shows from Netflix.

FlyVPN’s pricing structure isn’t the cheapest on the market; monthly subscription costs range from $9.9 up to $30 monthly with more comprehensive subscription plans offering lower costs over time. One month subscriptions can also be selected. Additionally, longer commitments offer reduced monthly charges.

FlyVPN accepts payments through PayPal, credit cards, WebMoney, AliPay and Bitcoin – with no data caps or bandwidth limitations! However, they retain activity records for a set amount of time in case any suspected violations to their DMCA or SPAM policies arises.

It’s alarming that the website of a VPN doesn’t reveal much information regarding their privacy policies and usage details of analytics services used, nor offer an explanation as to how that data will be utilized.

Unfortunately, we were unable to locate an FAQ section on their website and we could not reach customer support agents directly. Representatives could answer some of our inquiries but were unable to offer additional details or insight regarding how their service worked.

Overall, FlyVPN is an acceptable service with some notable drawbacks. While beginners might find its user interface simple and its geo restriction bypass capabilities appealing, more experienced VPN users might not appreciate its lack of features like kill switches and IPv6 support as these will likely make for an unsatisfying user experience.

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