Folder Lock Review

Folder Lock

Are you in search of an app that will enable you to protect critical files on your Windows computer? Folder Lock is designed specifically to safeguard files and folders against prying eyes by using stealth mode and password protection, in addition to providing encryption of files and cloud-based secure lockers as backup storage solutions. Furthermore, its interface offers numerous features without bloatware or ads for easy use.

This software is very user-friendly and can be utilized by beginners or experts alike. Simply select the folder or file you want to hide from other users of your system before dragging and dropping files onto the application to lock them; they will stay hidden until given permission by the app to unlock them again. Alternatively, individual folders and file types may be added into a locker that will be protected with password protection upon creation.

This application not only locks files and folders, but it can also encrypt an entire volume on your hard disk drive. When encrypted, its content becomes inaccessible to programs connected to the same network as it; its encryption process is swift and straightforward, keeping files stored within lockers completely inaccessible until their master password is entered.

Folder Lock has been trusted and used for more than two decades, making it one of the most efficient and secure encryption software programs available. Folder Lock has even received accolades from government agencies like the United States Army, National Institute of Standards and Technology and US Marine Corps due to its capabilities.

Folder Lock stands out as an easy security app to install and use on Windows computers, with simple installation and setup procedures and intuitive use. Plus, it doesn’t take up a lot of space on the system or require accessing or sending its content outward to third parties!

Although easy to use, Dropbox may not provide as much security as some users expect. As it doesn’t encrypt files and folders, any individual could gain access to them if they knew or guessed the password; although this shouldn’t be too big of an issue since lockers themselves are protected with passwords.

One downside of this application is its limited free version; only 30 days are available before some consumers become disinterested with it. Full access can be had for an affordable monthly subscription that depends on your storage needs; additionally, license fees must be paid after trial periods have ended if you wish to continue using it beyond trial periods.

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