Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF Editor is an impressive document editing application with a host of powerful editing tools for users to utilize, ranging from text addition and deletion, inserting images, eSigning documents and many other functions that make it perfect for anyone working regularly with PDF documents. Foxit PDF Editor makes editing PDF documents effortless!

The PC version of the software requires more work to set up and manage than its mobile app counterpart, but offers greater capabilities that may prove particularly helpful for some users. Compatible with Windows, macOS and Android platforms – download from Dell Digital Delivery; once completed double-click desktop shortcut to launch. When first launched a dialog box will display Perpetual License number that must be confirmed (Figure 2).

Foxit PDF Editor’s OCR feature makes it possible to convert image-based or scanned text into editable, live text that can then be edited like any word processing program, with font size and style adjustments as needed. Images in your file may also be resized, moved and deleted as desired.

Foxit PDF Editor offers more than basic editing features; it also comes equipped with annotation and markup tools that enable you to add comments, highlight, or draw shapes on documents. These tools are particularly beneficial in collaborative environments where multiple people will be working on one document simultaneously.

Foxit PDF Editor’s redaction features provide users with various ways to protect sensitive information. These options include “Mark for Redaction,” which allows users to select specific text for blackout. While more powerful than just using whiteout, its primary drawback is that highlighted text cannot be undone later. Alternatively, search and redact tools automatically identify specific words or text strings in a document and remove them without manually selecting each page manually.

Foxit PDF Editor’s mobile version offers an effortless way to edit documents on-the-go, keeping you ahead of projects and meetings without waiting until you get back home to access a computer. This app’s intuitive user interface makes it simple and efficient for you to utilize all of the editing tools, ensuring high-quality documents can be produced without much effort. Furthermore, it supports various file formats allowing for effortless upload/export of documents to multiple destinations. Advanced users will appreciate how ConnectedPDF offers an ideal way of collaborating across team members from anywhere around the globe and provides security and audit features that ensure their data remains protected, even if outside their organization’s firewall.

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