Foxit Reader Review

Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is a basic free program that enables you to view, edit and annotate PDF documents. It supports Windows, macOS, Android and iOS devices.

User-friendly options on its intuitive user interface include a magnifying glass and automatic scrolling option. Users can use it to create PDFs from compatible texts or scanned documents and convert them into various formats; as well as redact PDF files and integrate third-party content management systems.

The software is lightweight, with a small installation file size and quick startup time. It does not come packed with numerous plugins and has a minimalistic layout that rids redundant tools and bloated UI elements – making learning to navigate its functions simple for anyone. Furthermore, multiple languages are supported as well as an extensive help section featuring detailed tutorials to guide newcomers through.

Foxit Reader is a multilingual freemium tool offering a complete package for creating, reading, viewing, editing and annotating PDF documents and forms as well as filling them out. Utilizing industry’s fastest and most accurate rendering engine provides high-fidelity viewing experience compared to Adobe Acrobat which only works desktops; Foxit Reader works across platforms.

As well as providing basic editor functions, PDFap offers document syncing across platforms and a note system to facilitate collaboration among other users. Security features include encryption and redaction that protect sensitive information from unauthorised access; furthermore it can convert PDFs to other file types, such as HTML or Excel formats.

Another feature that makes PDF Editor stand out from other editors is its ability to process embedded media files, proving invaluable when working with documents containing multimedia files like e-books or documents that include indexes and standards panels.

But, despite its many features, long-time users have reported that it can be unstable and frequently crash on Windows computers, with only limited technical support being offered to its users.

UPDF has thrived despite this limitation to become one of the leading PDF editors available, due to its easy interface for beginners as well as fast processing engine. Furthermore, its affordability provides more affordable alternatives to Adobe Acrobat and Foxit PhantomPDF that offer similar or superior functionality at much reduced costs – click here for a free trial of UPDF to experience how it stacks up against its competition – you could soon start editing PDFs instantly!

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