G Data Antivirus Review

G Data Antivirus is a premium security suite with exceptional malware detection rates, robust extra tools and cloud backup. In addition, it features a password manager, performance tuner, file shredder and firewall with easy rule creation capabilities compared to Windows’ own firewall – offering five major benefits of enhanced security: protected network infrastructure; safeguarded data storage space; cyber threats negated; seamless surfing experience and improved overall experience.

G DATA’s malware scanning technology is fast and effective without putting undue strain on system resources. The program’s antivirus engine continually evaluates processes and files, looking for suspicious behavior such as running programs in the background or trying to gain access to sensitive areas of your PC. In addition, USB drives that have been inserted are scanned for potential malware; G DATA can even detect websites which try to download an exploit tool to inject their PC with malware.

G DATA offers one of the most unique features available today to combat ransomware – which has recently made headlines – which encrypts hard disk files, locking you out and forcing you to pay a ransom in order to regain access. G DATA offers protection from this type of threat with its “Ransomware Control” feature, which prevents this process by blocking it before starting.

G DATA offers robust PC protection from spyware, keyloggers and other unwanted software with its BankGuard module for online banking and Exploit Protection for preventing potentially vulnerable processes from being exploited. Unfortunately, testing the BankGuard and Exploit Protection elements was challenging enough that I couldn’t properly assess their effectiveness for this review.

G Data Antivirus stands out as a top-tier suite, featuring effective parental controls and the capability of installing and running separate browsers for each user profile on your PC. In addition, this antivirus program comes with anti-theft functionality and an effective USB drive locking tool which prevents malicious individuals from copying or accessing your data via USB devices.

The software’s IO Shield component protects against malware attempting to access memory by simulating its locations, while its Fake Website Blocker helps block fraudulent websites attempting to gather personal information like login and credit card details from users, while Malware Hunter detects and eliminates suspicious files and programs.

G DATA’s security suite boasts one of the finest backup features available – its ability to perform full system backups at predetermined intervals or as needed. These backups can be stored on physical media, network locations or in the cloud – even creating bootable rescue CDs if desired! Furthermore, their cloud backup can detect and repair any changes made since your last full backup – an indispensable asset in any cybersecurity solution!

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