G Data Internet Security Review

G Data Internet Security

G Data Internet Security offers an all-encompassing suite with strong malware detection and an impressive selection of security and privacy tools, without overstatement of danger like many antivirus applications do. In reality, it performs admirably.

This program features a dark red trim and interface that gives it the look of a serious service, featuring sober yet functional sections for each component of protection. Upgrading from G Data Antivirus to Internet Security involved reinstalling software; however, with all of the new additions and additional features it was easy to adjust quickly.

G Data Internet Security goes further than just antivirus protection by providing firewall, online backup, and parental controls in addition to its antimalware package. Though it may cost more than competing suites at two devices per license ($60 annually for single device license), its ten device plan provides better value at just $122/year; yet still makes this service higher priced than many competitors.

G Data Internet Security scored extremely well in our tests, earning top scores across all real-world protection categories from both AV-Test and AV-Comparatives. It boasted an impressively low false positive rate and its score in our phishing test was the highest of any program tested. Unfortunately, its parental control module proved to be an immense disappointment: filtering doesn’t always work correctly and scheduling options were minimal with start/stop times of only 30 minutes per start/stop time of either x:00 or x:30 start/stop times per start/stop time increments allowing only limited options such as 30 minute start/stop times per start/stop time respectively.

G Data Internet Security offers an intuitive password manager, with multiple encrypted’safes’ for holding passwords and regular backups to physical media or network locations – or synced storage like OneDrive – but its dedicated options from Norton, Avira and Kaspersky offer more importing options and can run both standalone applications and browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft’s deprecated Internet Explorer browser. Unfortunately, however, G Data’s offering falls short when it comes to user recommendations.

G Data’s Android mobile security offers extras not typically found with standalone anti-malware solutions, including remotely wiping your device’s content, tracking it when lost/stolen and locking down with PIN or biometric authentication. Furthermore, cloud protection safeguards your data against unauthorised access.

The iOS version of G DATA ActionCenter software can also serve as a backup tool, protecting photos, videos and documents on an iPhone or iPad. With its device scanner feature and its app-blocking function that enables parents to block potentially harmful apps on their devices – as well as find and restore deleted files – G DATA ActionCenter also helps locate misplaced devices nearby when misplaced nearby. Localizer can find them quickly when misplaced nearby while app-blocking can prevent children from buying in-app purchases; its app-blocking function truly stands out among competitors as it can block apps in settings as well as the list of installed programs; for accessing these premium features however G DATA ActionCenter must first register with them first before getting access to these premium features!

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