GeekUninstaller Review


Windows users will find uninstalling software programs fairly straightforward using their built-in uninstaller, yet it may not always be 100% effective; while most programs will uninstall cleanly, sometimes leaving behind files, folders or registry entries that could impede performance of their PCs. Because of this issue, IT Professionals frequently opt for third-party uninstallers to ensure a complete uninstallation process.

GeekUninstaller is a free program that is capable of performing an effective uninstallation of most programs on your PC. To accomplish this task, GeekUninstaller performs a deep scan which detects any remaining files, folders or registry entries from installed programs on your computer; once identified it then deletes them to ensure a more streamlined experience on your system.

GeekUninstaller’s basic version is free; for additional features such as real-time installation monitoring and startup program control, Uninstall Tool offers premium versions which require payment. I tested both versions and they work differently; both do a fine job of uninstalling programs from your PC.

GeekUninstaller Pro Edition includes this feature to allow for bulk uninstallation of programs at once, and this makes the main difference between them both. With GeekUninstaller Free Edition you are limited to uninstalling one program at a time; but with Pro you have access to bulk Uninstall.

Once GeekUninstaller has been installed on your PC, a simple window will appear listing all of the programs installed on it. From here you can either select individual programs to uninstall or use the Uninstall All button at the top to uninstall all at once – GeekUninstaller also allows you to choose size of program as well as filter option so it only displays programs currently installed.

Right-click a program in the list and you can select to view its file location, website address or jump directly to its Registry entry. Using Force Uninstall you may even be able to try uninstall stubborn or broken programs more quickly and efficiently.

GeekUninstaller stands out as an impressive performer in many respects. It can perform a thorough uninstallation and locates files left behind that other programs like CCleaner miss. Furthermore, its user-friendliness makes it very appealing. Furthermore, there is support for many languages.

This uninstaller is a must for those who regularly use their Windows PCs; it provides access to applications other removal programs don’t. Plus, its portable form makes it perfect for transport on USB drives. I would highly recommend it as part of any regular PC user’s toolbox; its only drawback being it does not automatically create restore points to safeguard against accidental deletion of software programs – thus backing up should be performed prior to running this app.

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