GOM Audio Review

GOM Audio is an impressive music player with a long list of features. It boasts an uncluttered, minimalist interface which is simple to navigate; however, its minimalist approach may hinder accessibility; in particular, finding some essential tools – like the equalizer – may prove challenging.

GOM Audio serves as a simple media player that plays MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, MID and FLAC files. The software offers built-in radio broadcasting capability as well as integration with popular online services like Songza and Pandora. GOM Audio syncs lyrics while editing tracks by adding, deleting or renaming songs – not forgetting controlling music and showing basic information on lock screens!

GOM Audio’s interface may seem outdated compared to popular media players such as VLC and foobar2000; its default Winamp skin may evoke memories, while Polar Bear and Fondness skins with more modern aesthetics exist as additional options. Furthermore, its uncluttered layout takes up minimal system resources; you can drag-and-drop files and folders directly into its default playlist area; playlists can be accessed via tabs at the lower part of its window; multiple tabs may also be opened by pressing Ctrl+T/Ctrl+F4 simultaneously! GOM Audio supports formats M3U8 as well. This makes its capabilities truly exceptional.

GOM Audio goes beyond basic functionality by offering an effective equalizer that lets you easily adjust the frequency spectrum of any audio file to meet your preferences and music genre. Furthermore, you can apply various audio effects like reverb and surround – as well as set multiple custom profiles that you can store away for future use. Furthermore, an ‘audio curve’ allows for further personalization by changing its amplitude depending on whether a song is loud or soft.

One of the unique aspects of this program is the intelligent lock screen feature, which gives you access to and control over certain essential functions without needing to unlock your device. From this locked screen you can view and modify basic song information such as title, artist and album; adjust volume settings or mute them; as well as access your media library directly.

Other helpful features of the app include a timer that will automatically shut down, restart or put your computer to sleep at the time you set. Furthermore, this tool enables you to create your own Internet radio stations which you can then share with friends.

GOM Audio is an exceptional, user-friendly music player, with some great extra features that set it apart from its competition. It features an intuitive, user-friendly interface for novice users while advanced functions provide a worthwhile experience for more experienced listeners. Plus, this player consumes minimal resources and is completely free – a must have for any audiophile!

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