Google Photos App Updates in 2019

Google Photos is the go-to photo and video app on Android devices worldwide, backed by Google Drive storage. Not only can users store their media here but Google Photos offers editing tools, animation creation and collage creation – as well as offering users the chance to change aspect ratio of photos taken with this application.

This platform stands out due to its robust search function, which allows you to find photos by people and places as well as date. This makes it simple to locate any photo that may have gotten misplaced over time; additionally, its face recognition technology identifies specific individuals for easy searching of photos that include them.

Google updated their Photos app with powerful new features in 2019 that make it an essential resource for anyone taking pictures and videos on mobile devices. Search is now more sophisticated, allowing users to search by text as well as objects and faces; additionally, users can utilize Google Lens’ text recognition capability for even further information about any words within images captured with their phone camera.

Editing options have also been enhanced, with additional tools grouped under Light, Color and Pop categories. With Auto Enhance you can automatically fix photos or manually adjust lighting and color of images; there are also numerous other editing features such as rotating, cropping and flipping images into landscape or portrait orientation; plus there’s the new Best Take feature which automatically blends a series of group shots to produce the most flattering photo for everyone present in each frame.

Storage Management is another time saver and one that will save you precious minutes: this feature shows how much space various forms of media is taking up on your phone or tablet, helping prevent running out of storage space before running out. Furthermore, Storage Management shows which photos take up most space – like screenshots or blurry pictures.

Google Photos makes sharing pictures easy for those not yet using it; simply press the Share button on each photo and it opens a list of sharing options such as social networks like Facebook and Twitter as well as getting secure links that work across all smartphones or computers – whether or not they use Google Photos! Plus you can add photos directly into ongoing conversations – either private or public – in the app for easy collaboration on projects as well as sharing photos between friends.

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