Goose Goose Duck – A Co-Op Murder Mystery Game With a Twist

Goose Goose Duck is an interactive co-op murder mystery game with a distinct spin, available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms. Players choose one of six distinct roles with unique abilities – all designed to eliminate non-goose players while fulfilling tasks on an associated checklist.

This game provides players with various maps and game modes, along with built-in voice chat (with optional proximity chat in private lobbies). Censored Chat removes certain words while Voice Chat creates a more natural experience; players also have the choice between controllers or keyboards for use during game play.

Players can select any number of players to join their lobby, or create one and invite friends. When creating a lobby, a tutorial begins that explains gameplay elements before players begin killing each other. After this initial phase is complete, killing becomes possible!

Goose Goose Duck offers multiple paths to victory, but the most commonly employed strategy involves killing one of the geese by one or more other players – either through outright murder, or by convincing fellow players to vote him off – before time runs out; otherwise the geese will win!

Dependent upon the map and mode selected, there are various strategies players can employ to cause their fellow geese to vote out one goose. If the Gravy Goose is playing smart, they could move around the table so as to be hard for other geese to see them, in order to remain hidden until round’s end and remain anonymous.

Other ways of outing the goose include revealing their role. For instance, Canadian geese are known to say things only they could know; if a player can identify this figure’s true identity and report him/her for votes against, that person could then be reported and removed from play.

Every map provides various means for players to sabotage items – some have timers while critical sabotage requires intervening before their detonation – this could mean as simple as pressing a button or using special abilities such as tracking and locating players.

Other forms of sabotage involve manipulating the environment to make it harder for geese to kill each other, such as taking away keys from objects or making air vents less navigable. You can collect sabotage tokens to reduce cooldown periods or power up abilities like being able to peer through walls or open doors from outside – all within timer limits! Finally, in addition to these types of missions there are also “normal” missions which must be completed within time limit as well.

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