GoPro Webcam – How to Use GoPro Action Cameras As Your Computer’s Webcam

GoPro Webcam is an interesting feature that lets you use one of their popular action cameras as your computer webcam, providing an effective solution to share DIY projects or crafts during video calls with coworkers and create captivating YouTube videos that expand your audience.

Gopro’s Hero9 Black camera provides all of the imaging power you’d expect from one of the world’s leading action cam manufacturers. Support for up to 5K recording and still images up to 20MP are supported, plus it comes equipped with raw format options so users can make further adjustments using software like Adobe Lightroom.

While the Hero9 Black’s imaging capabilities are impressive, you should be mindful of some restrictions and limitations that you should keep in mind. Of particular note is its inflexibility during video conferencing sessions via USB Webcam Mode which limits your mobility during livestreams or conference calls – though there may be workarounds that enable this.

The Hero9 Black is limited in its field of view, which may present problems for certain individuals. Due to a fixed aperture that doesn’t let users select specific focal points, shooting portraits with shallow depth of field or creating artistic photos that intentionally blurry is often impossible with this camera.

GoPro only outputs at a maximum resolution of 1080p (720p with its Wide setting), which may not meet everyone’s needs; GoPro states it has future goals in mind that include adding support for additional digital lenses and higher resolutions such as 4K.

If you want to give GoPro Webcam a try, the first step should be downloading and installing its software. Once done, connect your GoPro to your PC, launch its software, and you will see a blue dot appear in the status bar of PC indicating its readiness. Finally, access any video chat service of choice using GoPro as its camera source – enjoy!

GoPro Webcam is compatible with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Twitch, BlueJeans, GoTo Meeting and Facebook Rooms. Each application’s setup process differs slightly; in general though all you need to start using it is selecting GoPro as camera source and making any necessary settings changes within chat apps; once done the camera will automatically shut off after several minutes of inactivity to save battery power and conserve power consumption; to adjust this behavior open GoPro software’s Settings menu or visit their website for full details and video tutorials on using GoPros!

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