Handy Backup Review

When it comes to data backup, most users are familiar with the traditional method: using a disc drive to copy all desired files. Unfortunately, this approach poses several problems. Discs are easy to damage while taking up valuable space on computers; additionally, most modern computers no longer feature optical drives – necessitating an alternative solution.

Handy Backup is an impressive application designed to provide high-quality, professional-grade data backup on both single computers and networks of PCs. It enables automatic back up of files, databases and disk images on a regular basis; furthermore it supports various external storage devices and runs as a service on NT-based systems.

As much as it is possible to perform system backup using Windows tools, they do not always offer sufficient flexibility when it comes to setting up a comfortable and reliable data backup and restore environment. In addition, these processes tend to be slow, and sometimes necessitate shutting down other activities on a particular machine during their course of execution.

Handy Backup Home and above make creating all necessary backup, restore and synchronization tasks straightforward using step-by-step wizards that are both user-friendly and straightforward. Users may also alter settings directly via multi-paned windows by bypassing wizards entirely – various advanced options such as full, incremental and differential backups with rotating versions saved into encrypted ZIP files are also included as are running other programs before or after tasks have completed successfully.

This software can back up both an entire operating system, as well as individual applications like MS Outlook, ICQ and the registry; or specific files and folders. Furthermore, the program can transfer data between different locations on a local network.

Handy Backup’s extensive set of additional functions also makes for an impressive array of capabilities. Notification emails about significant events, running backup as a service even with no user logged in, saving data to a remote FTP server or an online commercial cloud storage, saving files to FTP storage servers remotely or online commercial cloud storage facilities – these and many more functions make Handy Backup truly comprehensive and valuable!

Handy Backup provides another advantage by automatically backing up data to either an old or a new location, saving native format backups that allow working with them directly. All backups come tagged with time stamps which make sorting them out simpler for users.

Handy Backup software enables backup to any type of modern external storage device, from USB units and NAS devices through HDDs and even RDIF servers. Additionally, Handy Backup supports any of the leading web content transfer protocols like FTP/SFTP/FTPS and WebDAV so it’s possible to backup any type of online data – including databases – as well as all data stored in cloned directories. In order to preserve system resources as efficiently as possible, Handy Backup can run in an invisible background mode or run as a service even when no users are logged in – further saving system resources while working without interruption from users being logged in or even when not actively engaged logged in – keeping system resources under control!

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