How Small Businesses Can Use Pinterest to Enhance Their Marketing Strategies


Pinterest is a visual social networking service with over 433 million monthly active users, which allows people to upload, save and share visuals. It has several features designed to boost business marketing strategies.

Promoted pins can help your business attract new customers and drive traffic directly to its website, while using Pinterest analytics to track performance and understand who your audience is.

It is a social media platform

Pinterest was first released as a social media platform in March 2010, serving as an online catalogue of ideas. Users are able to collect images, videos and other media from across the Internet into collections known as Boards that can serve as inspiration notebooks for home decor, food, fashion and technology interests.

People can upload content directly from computers or mobile devices, pin content from other websites using the browser button, search using Lens feature for specific items and follow other users by liking or commenting their Pins as well as sharing them via social media such as Facebook or Twitter.

Pinterest offers several useful features to enable people to organize themselves online, including group boards and archived boards that stop suggesting suggestions related to specific topics. Users can send pins privately via private messages to other Pinterest users or non-Pinterest users alike. Furthermore, Pinterest provides various tools designed to promote business profiles and manage community relations.

It is a visual search engine

Pinterest is a visual search engine that allows users to discover content relevant to their interests, making it a useful way for small businesses to drive traffic to their website and generate leads and sales. Furthermore, small businesses can leverage Pinterest to promote themselves and their products/brand.

To maximize brand visibility on Pinterest, it is necessary to optimize both your profile and Pins with keywords. One effective method for doing this is creating themed boards; for instance a clothing company could use travel inspiration boards as a platform to highlight its own travel-themed products. Content with specific themes tends to perform better than generic or non-branded posts while images with less blank space in their backgrounds also tend to perform well.

Canva and Pablo are two tools you can use to optimize content for Pinterest, offering fast and straightforward ways to create eye-catching images in under 30 seconds with user-friendly effects and templates, plus keyword analytics to gain insight into how popular specific terms are on Pinterest.

It is a content sharing platform

Pinterest is a visual asset-sharing social media platform focused on pins. Each pin can include a link back to its original source such as an eCommerce store, blog or magazine – this setback differentiates it from Instagram which only allows users to post links in their bios.

Pinterest offers a personalized home feed tailored specifically to your tastes and behaviors, with an algorithm constantly refining its results to deliver new pins and trending topics to you. Furthermore, its advanced tools enable you to follow accounts, topics and boards so you’re always up-to-date on the latest trends.

To stand out on Pinterest, use images and videos that are creative and captivating. Avoid too much white space in photos or videos, and strive to produce videos under 90 seconds in length. Also consider creating data visualizations or infographics related to your business in order to boost engagement on your profile.

It is a marketing platform

Pinterest provides small businesses with an effective marketing tool, providing unique opportunities to create and distribute content. Its visual nature allows your business to share stories about the products or services it provides while its highly engaged audience ensures maximum impactful engagement. Pinterest fulfills vital social media marketing objectives like brand awareness, community engagement and driving traffic directly to websites.

Pinterest offers various ad formats that enable advertisers to reach their desired target audiences, such as Promoted Pins and one-tap Pins which take visitors directly back to the original source site, promoted carousels and promoted search results ads – each offering different approaches for engaging and increasing purchase intent.

To maximize the potential of Pinterest for your small business, ensure all content you share is relevant to your audience. You can do this by researching buyer personas and surveying current customers; analytics tools can also be used to identify trends and determine what sort of content your audience most prefers.

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