How to Connect a Six Wire Stepper Motor to an Easy Driver

Easy Driver

Easy Driver is an intuitive program that makes updating drivers a quick and painless process, offering support for all versions of Windows and even featuring additional features in its Pro edition. In addition, Easy Driver serves as a system information tool providing basic details on CPU, motherboard and graphics card usage as well as faster download of updates for Windows OS updates.

This article will demonstrate how to connect a six wire stepper motor to an Easydriver board. The board includes nine pins – four motor outputs (JP4), step and direction signals (STP and DIR), reset input (RST), power-up/sleep input (SLP), 5V OUTPUT, VCC INPUT; GND pins should be connected directly with negative side of power supply or another board on same breadboard; V+ should connect to 5V-30V motor power source; GND pins should also be connected together within board itself – connect this board if possible!

The Easydriver Stepper Driver Outputs are driven by a PIC16F880 microcontroller equipped with its own internal voltage regulator that can supply either 3.3V or 5V output depending on what’s powering it and how the jumper is set up. When used, SLP and RST pins may be pulled low to put driver chip into sleep mode or reset it, or high to disable output drivers of microcontroller. 5V Output Pin: An output from regulator which may be used to power other circuitry on board while its associated jumper setting can provide either voltage output output 3.3V or 5V output depending on which setting of jumper APWR jumper position setting of either 3.3V or 5V depending on its jumper settings when connecting directly.

If you want to use an EasyDriver at lower voltages, the maximum current it can draw is 500mA. Lower voltages tend to generate less heat while running slower; higher voltages produce much greater speed and torque; be wary not to fry the circuit by applying too much current; to minimize current draw use a large resistor between it and its power supply as this will help limit current.

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