How to Get the Most Out of Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint’s versatility allows a user to personalise and optimise presentations by including backgrounds, images, text and audio into presentations.

Utilizing Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to take advantage of different transition effects for an added professional touch in your presentation; however, these should never detract from your main message or distract viewers.

Easy to use

Microsoft PowerPoint is an application designed to allow you to easily create and present media-rich presentations containing slides. It is user-friendly, supporting multiple platforms (computer programs, web apps and mobile phones), and collaborative presentations with others can easily take place using it.

Visual aids in your presentations can be an excellent way to hold audiences’ attention and illustrate concepts and key terms. PowerPoint makes this easy with SmartArt graphics that turn text such as timelines or lists into readable images; plus it can suggest icons for each bulleted list item.

Microsoft PowerPoint also allows you to apply a theme to your entire presentation, giving each slide an identical aesthetic and feel. Custom themes can also be saved for future presentations – simply select the design tab and click on Themes Group > Drop Down Arrow in Themes Group (you should then see a dialog box where you can name and Save Your Theme(s).

Easy to customize

Utilizing PowerPoint’s template features is a great way to quickly get a presentation underway. They come equipped with pre-designed layouts, fonts, and color schemes that you can quickly personalize – as well as making it simple for you to add images or video into your slides.

This program provides you with various slide sizes that are ideal for widescreen displays, and you can even select and customize your background color and style accordingly.

Use the program to customize themes that can be applied across future presentations, maintaining a consistent look and feel across presentations. Add animations and transitions for an extra exciting presentation and make it easier for audiences to follow your presentation!

Easy to share

Microsoft Teams makes sharing PowerPoint presentations easy for colleagues or clients alike, enabling you to collaborate online on projects while keeping all files centralized for accessing and editing presentations. You can easily communicate with team members, manage projects, access files quickly and collaborate on presentations effortlessly.

Microsoft Teams makes sharing presentations easy. Simply use the “Share” button in the upper-right corner to open a window with multiple sharing and embedding options for you, including providing links, embedding it onto websites, adding comments or even choosing to show slides in windowed mode instead of full screen mode.

After entering email addresses for those you want to share the document with, set permissions such as editing or read-only access, and set a deadline for how long the file will remain accessible.

Easy to learn

As an artist or designer, creating a digital portfolio is a necessity. Microsoft PowerPoint makes this task straightforward by offering templates or building one from scratch to make the process simple – as well as tools for sharing it with others.

PowerPoint is an innovative slide-based presentation tool included as part of Microsoft Office and allows teachers and students to easily create live classroom presentations or share online via video conference interface.

PowerPoint is easy to use, as its layout mirrors that of Word or Excel. Templates will appear along the left-side of your screen, while you can customize any element on a slide through prompts that guide you. When clicking a text field in a presentation slide, a popup window displays available fonts; additionally, an accessible toolbar can always remain at the top of your screen regardless of which page is being edited.

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