How to Get the Most Out of Spotify


Spotify is one of the world’s most beloved music streaming services, boasting an impressive number of features for both free and paid subscriptions. Furthermore, it boasts great versatility: users can use Spotify across their computer, smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, TV, car – with controls working across devices seamlessly.

No downloads or uploading are required – your library is stored securely in the cloud, keeping all devices consistent across them all and won’t vanish should you delete the app or switch phones. In case your data usage becomes excessive, lower-quality streaming modes may also be an option to consider.

One of the key advantages of Spotify is its ability to track what you listen to, then provide recommendations based on that data. Your listening history is organized chronologically so you can view your most-listened songs, albums or artists either in your desktop profile’s top section or the Home page of mobile app; additionally, statistics provide up-to-date statistics such as the top tracks/artists from this month.

Spotify makes playlist management even simpler by automatically sorting and reordering them to suit you, including moving tracks from one artist into a separate list with similar songs if that would help create an all-star mix. Plus, Spotify lets you drag-and-drop songs directly from one playlist onto another for quick reorganization!

The desktop app makes it easy to create and manage multiple playlists that you can then share with other users. A three-dot menu in the top right corner provides options for copying links or embedding playlists onto websites or social media. Click “Edit” for reordering tracks, changing volume levels or setting other features of a playlist – like shuffle mode!

There is an array of playlists, from themed compilations like Best of Jazz to genre-specific entries and the ever-so-useful “Made for you” lists which compile your daily listening habits into discrete Daily mixes. Or you can build one from scratch using the plus icon in the bottom left.

Spotify is an ideal way to discover American rock music, offering playlists for The Strokes, Supergrass and Weezer as well as Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine.

Spotify’s mobile app can also be an incredible asset to runners, with the option to select “Running” in its settings menu and match songs to your tempo. This can help both distract from any pain in running while helping increase both time and distance covered; additionally, tracking performance using its dashboard feature. Plus, as a premium subscriber you’ll have access to low-data mode when out and about!

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