How to Use CyberLink AudioDirector

CyberLink AudioDirector

CyberLink AudioDirector is an excellent piece of software to use to help enhance the quality of audio tracks and videos. With an intuitive user interface and straightforward use, getting started using CyberLink AudioDirector should not take more than an hour if you’re new to its use; but, for first-timers it may take time to learn all its capabilities.

Importing Media

CyberLink AudioDirector allows you to import audio and video files directly from a computer or removable media. Once the media have been imported, editing it in CyberLink AudioDirector’s Edit, Restore and Mix rooms becomes possible. Each time an audio or video clip is edited it creates a temporary working file which does not reflect in its original media files until they are produced (outputted) as new files.

Adjusting the Master Volume

CyberLink AudioDirector allows you to quickly and easily adjust a clip’s master volume at any point along its timeline, from using its playback controls in preview window or its timeline slider.

The program features several tools to assist in customizing the sound levels of individual clips. You can use the Equalizer to set overall tone or Gate and Expander to boost/limit soft signals; with equalizer allowing fine-tuning of frequency gain across bands so as to customize sound according to individual tastes.

CyberLink AudioDirector’s unique ability to generate an audio track that plays back at a specific rate makes it perfect for creating slow-motion effects or other special effects that require the audio to play at specific speeds. Use the timeline slider to pinpoint exactly where in a file you want the track to begin playing back; once set it will continue at that speed.

Record Audio

CyberLink AudioDirector allows you to easily record from a microphone or other source connected to your computer, before applying any of the audio adjustments and effects available in its Edit room to enhance or alter your recordings.

Record directly into the Mix room to automatically add it to your library, and perform various mixing and mastering tasks here.

Mix room of the program provides multiple effects that can alter the sound of clips, including reverb and echo effects to add an unnatural, otherworldly vibe; additionally, chorus effect adds the impression that multiple voices or instruments are playing together at the same time.

Use the Mix room to produce stereo or surround mixes of your clip. The program can export it in various formats, such as CD/DVD audio, MP3s and AAC-LC. To preview how your mix will sound before creating it, press Preview. Choose an output codec from the drop-down menu before customizing sample rate and bitrate settings of audio preview preview.

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