How to Use Google Classroom in the Classroom

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a free blended learning platform designed to make creating, distributing and grading assignments simpler for teachers and students alike. Teachers and students can communicate instantly in one central place while saving and organizing files and sharing various types of content; making classwork easily manageable outside the classroom environment and working collaboratively on collaborative assignments together with classmates.

To create a classroom, click on the “+” button and choose “Classroom”. Teachers can either use an existing Google account to invite students directly or provide them with a unique class code from within “Classwork” tab of Classroom session. When invited, students can gain entry by either clicking on its link or by signing in via their Google IDs.

Classroom is designed to function like social media, where students can view announcements and engage in question-driven discussions with one another. Teachers can post assignments and materials into this stream; responses to announcements or discussions can include text, pictures or videos – including responses directly or scheduled at later dates; teachers can even add YouTube videos and other items from Google Drive into announcements!

Assignments allow students to submit documents and get feedback from their teacher in a similar fashion as taking an online quiz or poll. Teachers can create assignments by providing specific instructions and setting due dates; making the assignment public or private also depends on teacher preferences – public assignments will allow all students accessing it simultaneously while editing is locked mode prevents students from opening additional tabs while working on one assignment.

One key feature of Google Classroom is its ability to include multiple-choice questions, true/false statements and short answer questions into assessments that require students to use digital tools. Teachers may also assign single questions for answering or assign an essay assignment for writing an essay.

Google Classroom makes use of its Augmented Reality tool an exciting feature of classroom life. Teachers can utilize it to create an interactive map for students studying geography.

Students can utilize the augmented reality feature of textbooks to interact with them more directly, for instance by taking pictures of pages they are on and having words from that page appear on their screens – making this an effective way for reading comprehension activities to take place while sitting in class.

Google Classroom also helps teachers streamline summative and formative assessments. Teachers can quickly create and distribute digital exit tickets or auto-graded assessments to assess student knowledge before moving on to more challenging material, or utilize Google Classroom’s discussion feature for quick insight into students’ opinions on topics or pieces of writing.

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