How to Use Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

Google is an all-encompassing organization, providing various online services such as Gmail, YouTube and Hangouts to its users. Hangouts is an all-in-one communications tool which enables instant messaging between users or video/voice calling at home or while on the move across a variety of devices – home or away! In this article we’ll look at some basics of using Hangouts such as setting up chats and calling as well as troubleshooting issues common with its use.

Hangouts is available as both a desktop application for modern web browsers, as well as mobile apps for iPhone and Android. Like the desktop version, these mobile versions allow instant messaging and audio/video calling between contacts.

Start off by signing in to your Google account through either web browser or the Hangouts app on a phone or tablet, displaying a list of contacts and Google+ circles that includes those you would like to contact directly; when clicking their name a conversation window will open or the camera icon to initiate video calling.

The chat feature works much like texting, and allows you to share photos, videos or stickers with your friends. Your messages are saved on Google servers so they are accessible from any device signed into your Google account; plus you can edit and search through your chat history easily from anywhere!

Video calling is an efficient and free way to stay in touch with friends and acquaintances, with only limited limitations limiting its usage: up to 10 people at once may use this feature on Google+ at one time and any group video calls of 11+ participants must purchase an extra group plan.

Hangouts is also great for phone calls with almost anyone with a Google account; most calls within the US are free while overseas calls have very competitive per-minute rates. Plus, its conference call feature makes meetings even easier by sharing computer screen contents, microphone and camera access for everyone present in a room meeting.

When speaking or video calling someone, their Google+ profile will appear at the bottom right corner of your conversation. Clicking on it will bring up more information, including their Google+ posts and public photos as well as their current location on a live map. Moreover, clicking “Start a Hangout” allows you to host up to 25 people for a meetup of your own; and finally Screenshare allows for screen sharing while controlling microphones/cameras of participants in your call.

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