How to Use Samsung Smart Switch to Transfer Files Between Old and New Samsung Phones

Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung Smart Switch is a free program designed to help you migrate data from one Samsung phone to the next without losing any content, and can also serve as an effective backup tool for the contents on both. Compatible with both iOS and Windows operating systems, and capable of backing up both Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian phones as well as tablets and laptops – Smart Switch supports app, music, contacts calendar events messages photos call logs alarms home layouts memos along with encrypted/secure data like WhatsApp chats

To use Samsung Smart Switch, first install its app onto an older device running an OS that’s stable, either from its official website or directly through Galaxy Store on your device. Launch it, follow instructions to connect, then select any files to transfer – Samsung Smart Switch will handle everything else for you!

Samsung Smart Switch can also serve as an effective backup solution, storing all of your files to a computer for later restoration onto new or existing devices. This feature is especially handy if you are transitioning from one phone to the next and wish to retain all content, as it can back up SD card contents as well.

Samsung Smart Switch can help you transfer your data wirelessly or via USB. This method is much quicker and more convenient than copying files to a computer before moving them over. Furthermore, using third-party apps to transfer your files can take much longer.

Start by connecting both of your old and new Samsung devices to power sources. Next, launch the Smart Switch app on both devices and allow access to it – this way when prompted, select Galaxy/Android on one and Receive data on another when asked by prompts. Your Samsung Galaxy device comes with the option to transfer data via Wi-Fi or USB cable, and once complete you can begin using it. Wi-Fi may take a bit longer; cancelling can also be chosen if needed if anything changes during this process. If any problems arise contact Samsung immediately for support.

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