HWiNFO Review – A Powerful Hardware Information, Monitoring, and Diagnostic Tool


HWiNFO is an indispensable hardware information, monitoring, and diagnostics tool that should be on every tech enthusiast and system builder’s wish list. With its detailed insight, users can examine components closely in order to better understand their capabilities – helping optimize performance while troubleshooting issues more efficiently.

The software can run as either a 32-bit or 64-bit program on Microsoft Windows devices and can either be run as a portable application or installed onto systems. It is often updated to accommodate for new components, technologies and standards as well as highly customizable options and features that enable users to create personalized settings. Furthermore, its benchmarking and performance testing component enables testing the capabilities of individual systems or comparing it with similar configurations.

As far as real-time monitoring goes, this software can display temperature, fan speed and voltage readings to aid with diagnosing issues or potential overheating issues. Furthermore, it can monitor other hardware components like graphics cards and motherboards, power usage and energy consumption as well as energy costs.

HWiNFO stands out from other tools by its unique capability of displaying hardware information in three dimensions, which makes it invaluable when troubleshooting complex hardware such as CPUs and GPUs. Furthermore, its Sensors Only mode displays all sensor data related to selected system components within one window for easier reading/comparing multiple readings at once.

Tech enthusiasts and system builders will find this software particularly helpful, as it provides detailed information about components inside of PCs ranging from CPU architecture and specifications to GPU memory bandwidth and clock speeds, peripheral devices such as USB drives and Bluetooth adapters, peripheral drives etc.

Other features include a detailed report generator that can save reports in various formats – ideal for documenting a computer’s setup. Furthermore, this software detects overheating, power consumption and thermal throttling issues within your PC which is extremely helpful when troubleshooting issues with it.

SpeedFan or FanControl may be better options to control CPU and GPU fans than HWiNFO; both tools are free and tested extensively on Ghacks. They’re likely to work better with your hardware if it has compatible motherboard and driver support; otherwise, they may not accurately monitor or adjust fan speed as desired or support all features like Intel CPU’s AVX2 turbo limit ratios; nonetheless these tools make great alternatives to HWiNFO.

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