iMazing 2 – The Future of iPhone and iPad Management


iMazing is the world’s trusted iPhone management software, beloved by millions. It empowers users to go beyond what iTunes and Finder offer and truly take control of their iOS data. Using iMazing makes it simple to transfer music and videos between computers or back them up safely for safekeeping; wirelessly copy any iOS device onto another; work with app documents and media; browse old messages – and even print them!

iMazing stands apart from iCloud by always saving backups to discs or external hard drives – which keeps digital memories secure and easy to retrieve. Furthermore, its intelligent storage saves space by only backing up changes made after prior backups were taken – meaning older backups can just as easily be recovered as newly saved files. Developed by DigiDNA’s team of iPhone/iPad management experts since the introduction of iPhone in 2007 until now; pushing forward what can be achieved using Apple devices today.

iMazing 2 extends iMazing’s legacy as the Swiss Army Knife of iPhone, iPod and iPad management by offering major innovations that provide you with more than just peace of mind. Now it is possible to back up an entire device in one step; and transfer all your music, messages and files while maintaining playlists, ringtones and podcasts across devices without loss. Furthermore, backups created using iMazing are instantly searchable and editable, enabling you to easily recover deleted apps or restore versions that weren’t installed originally.

Apple’s Digital Rights Management (DRM) file protections can be an annoyance, particularly for users with multiple iOS devices or those who have used them over an extended period of time. With iMazing’s App Management features you can now easily access DRM-protected music and movies even if they were previously removed from your devices, while for those seeking to test new apps without risking their data iMazing offers sideload apps while maintaining supervision status on an iPad or iPhone – the first and only program allowing sideload apps while maintaining supervision status!

As an added feature, iMazing now supports transferring photos and videos between supervised iPhones or iPads without disrupting automated MDM enrollment. You’re also now able to migrate backups of devices under supervision onto non-ADE devices while keeping supervision intact; finally iMazing now offers more ways to retrieve battery information, check warranty details, access consoles, messages contacts notes memos calendars.

iMazing is an essential tool for anyone with an iPhone, iPad or iPod who requires more control than what Apple provides. Download now to discover its capabilities! iMazing honors all Apple security mechanisms so that both your devices and data remain secure – with all processing done directly on the Mac – no data transfers take place between servers.

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