Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a program that can dramatically speed up file downloads using dynamic segmentation technology to divide and combine individual parts into the entire file at its destination for maximum download speed. In addition, IDM has an error recovery system to restart interrupted or broken downloads.

IDM stands out as an invaluable asset thanks to its ability to capture and store media playing on websites, which can be extremely helpful if you have limited bandwidth connections and want to stream online videos or listen to audio files. Furthermore, this software can download any file being streamed by other applications like Winamp, Real Player QuickTime or Windows Media Player – an advantage especially useful for watching or listening to online media on a limited connection.

IDM features a user-friendly graphical user interface, making its use simple. The main window shows all downloads with information about their size and status as well as current download speed and an estimated completion date. Download control buttons (“Add URL”, “Resume”, “Stop”, “Cancel”, “Delete Completed” and “Options”) can be found above the list; right clicking files allows accessing “Download File Info” dialog or using popup menu items to modify properties (change download directory/add description etc).

As soon as you click “Add URL”, IDM instantly scans a web page, searching for multimedia files like music or video clips. To download one file at a time, just select it from the list or press the “Download selected file” button; alternatively you can choose to download an entire web page in one go by choosing the “Download whole page” item in its menu.

As opposed to other download managers, IDM does not rely on external plugins or extensions for installation in browsers; rather, it integrates directly into right click link menus for Chrome-based browsers (Opera, new Edge), Internet Explorer-based browsers (MSN and AOL), Mozilla-based browsers (FireFox Pale Moon) or create your own integration module and install it manually into browser(s). Alternatively you may opt to build and install your own integration module(s).

IDM provides an IDM Tree View of downloaded files on its left side panel of its main window, and allows users to easily create and modify custom download categories. In addition to supporting various predefined download categories, you can easily create or modify your own categories easily using IDM. Every category comes equipped with its own download folder, list of associated file types and default start directory; alternatively you may disable this category panel altogether if it becomes unnecessary.

Other features of IDM include its built-in scheduler, download queue and history of downloaded files; as well as an always visible download button in your browser. Furthermore, this program supports various proxy servers, FTP/HTTP protocols, firewalls, redirects, cookies and authorization. Furthermore, multiple files can be downloaded simultaneously using multiple simultaneous connections, interrupted or failed downloads can be resumed or support for parallel downloads from multiple sites are supported – in addition to being notified when downloading is complete by sound notifications or custom sounds set when IDM detects it detects when completes its download session – even more impressive features that IDM features!

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