IObit Smart Defrag Review

Over time, your computer’s hard drive may become fragmented as files are added and deleted from it, leading to slow file access speeds and decreasing performance. IObit Smart Defrag can help restore performance by consolidating files on your hard disk so they are easier to access efficiently; additionally it automatically performs optimization scans to help prevent future fragmentation by automatically performing regular optimization scans; for the PRO version this software also includes TRIM support to extend SSD disk life spans.

IObit Smart Defrag features a user-friendly interface designed to be accessible by beginners. Its main screen shows all your hard drives with their fragmentation levels, while clicking each disk tab will reveal more detailed information such as temperature, usage and self-monitoring analysis reports for that disk. Furthermore, this program supports both NTFS and FAT32 formatted hard drives, along with various file systems, so defragmentation is possible both internally and externally as well as partition-level defragments.

The program can be set to perform automated defragmentation at specified intervals, or use its manual defragmentation feature to manually select files or folders for defragmentation. An exclude list allows you to skip data you do not wish to analyze or defragment; this feature is especially helpful if your files require lengthy analysis processes.

Though the software is relatively intuitive, reading its user guide for more details on its workings is always wise. I especially liked that it supports boot time scans that help your system launch more quickly; additionally, you can set it to quickly defragment unmovable files during bootup for faster startup times and also use its Game Optimize function for an enhanced gaming experience.

IObit Smart Defrag is an excellent choice for anyone seeking to keep their hard drive in optimal condition and increase overall performance. The program’s advanced features make it a worthy alternative to the default defragmenter in Windows, and its numerous handy tools help tune up PC performance. Although I would have preferred more options for what to defragment specifically, this advanced defragmenter should still prove worth checking out for those seeking something more advanced than its default defragmenter in Windows.

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