IObit Uninstaller – New Features and Improvements

IObit Uninstaller

IObit Uninstaller is an application that will assist in uninstalling programs quickly and completely from your computer, along with clearing away any leftover files or Registry entries left by programs once removed. Furthermore, this tool helps keep apps updated while safeguarding against malware attacks on the system.

IObit Uninstaller’s latest release includes numerous enhancements and features to enhance user experience, as well as an entirely revamped interface. One such improvement is its new ability to uninstall programs in batches – saving both time and effort from having to uninstall each one individually. Furthermore, this tool automatically creates a system restore point before running the default uninstaller, helping if changes need reversing, while monitoring for any leftover files or registry entries not fully deleted during uninstallation processes.

In addition to batch uninstalling capabilities, IObit Uninstaller also features several useful functions in its Tools menu, such as viewing programs by size and removing those that take up too much disk space. Furthermore, Bundleware features allow you to identify apps or extensions installed alongside programs so they can be uninstalled selectively.

Install Monitor is another amazing feature, keeping an eye on and recording any system changes caused by software installation. This tool can either run as an Auto or Manual monitor and even detect and add existing undetected programs manually if required.

Additionally, this app will notify you if certain applications have become outdated and may need updating – an invaluable feature which reduces malware infection risks as well as freeing up more storage space.

This program will also allow you to quickly view all of your browser extensions at a glance and sort them according to browser. This way, it is easier than ever before to identify extensions which take up too much space or have been negatively reviewed by other users.

The new version of IObit Uninstaller comes in both free and Pro editions, the latter of which offers additional features like uninstalling unwanted browser plugins, monitoring Windows startup processes, updating all programs and apps as they come out, as well as an anti-Bundleware and Malware Scan feature that automatically scans them, as well as blocking annoying Ads that interrupt browsing sessions – with free support available via its Settings Window!

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