Kaspersky Endpoint Security Review

The world’s top tested and awarded security app protects Windows endpoints against next-generation cyberthreats with advanced technologies that combine to offer powerful defense against malware, phishing, ransomware attacks on corporate computers, servers and mobile devices. Furthermore, its efficient deployment and management from one single console with unified policies make it one of the top options available to protect businesses against next-gen cyberthreats.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security offers you the assurance of confidentiality for your files and emails by offering FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria EAL2+ certified encryption (using Intel AES-NI). Kaspersky Endpoint Security provides antivirus protection from network threats exploiting Windows security holes, while the firewall component monitors network traffic and prevents unauthorized connections from accessing the computer. The Device Control component monitors attempts to launch applications on user computers, and provides flexible restrictions on accessing storage devices (hard drives or removable disks), equipment that converts information into hard copies (printers) and interfaces that connect devices (USB, Bluetooth and infrared).

Virtual sandboxes allow you to safely run programs that exhibit suspicious behavior without endangering the integrity of your corporate network. They analyze objects to establish their reputations for inclusion into antivirus databases; additional evaluation can also be requested from Kaspersky virus analysts for an added assessment of reputation; furthermore, security applications provide quarantines that store unclassifiable objects or those infected by malware.

The application features a pre-configured cloud workspace that meets the needs of typical environments, saving time on configuration while providing out-of-the-box protection. Furthermore, its security workspace updates itself automatically ensuring you always apply the most recent security patches to corporate computers.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security has been recognized as the premier software by numerous independent tests and surveys conducted by leading technology publications, and is supported by an international research team. Kaspersky uses machine learning and behavioral analysis techniques to detect malware attacks like ransomware as part of an advanced threat defence solution.

Online reviews of Kaspersky Endpoint Security give it an outstanding review, with customers appreciating its value for money and intuitive functionality. Furthermore, customers praise its responsive customer support service that offers reliable technical assistance services.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security works seamlessly with Kaspersky Security Network to deliver industry-leading detection rates and response times in terms of malware detection, analysis, elimination and prevention. Furthermore, it integrates with Kaspersky EDR Optimum for root-cause analysis and prevention of advanced threats. Unified policies streamline deployment and administration while its scalable nature helps maximize budget efficiency. It supports all major operating systems as well as various hardware architectures to enable easy deployment across your entire corporate infrastructure.

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